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The most important factor in making Western culture available to the rest of the world was:

improved technology

This organization's goal is to promote free trade between nations. Its work often brings it into conflict with small scale producers who cannot compete in global markets:

World Trade Organization

This international organization works to protect war refugees, children, economic growth, control nuclear proliferation, limit pollution, and so much more:

The United Nations

Cultural diffusion, exchange, and communication reached a fever pitch in the last 20 years due to advances in:

global satellite technology

Why was OPEC formed in 1960? Its purpose was to:

promote the interests of the oil states as demand for oil increased

In reference to globalization, what is the purpose of the United Nations? To

promote the cooperation of countries to solve international issues

In the past couple of decades, mass communication, global and domestic grass roots political organization, extensive economic exchange on both a large and small scale, and the democratization of knowledge and information have all resulted from the use of:

internet technology

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