Module 13

A split brain patient has a picture of a dog flashed to his right hemisphere and cat to his left hemisphere. He will be to identify the
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Psychologist Michael Gazzaniga asked split-brain patients to stare at a dot as he flashed HE·ART on a screen. HE appeared in the left visual field, ART in the right. When asked to point to the word with their left hand, patients pointed toHESplit bran patients have had their _____ surgically cutcorpus callosumNeurosurgeons have severed the corpus callosum in human patients in order to reduceepileptic seizuresA picture of a cat is briefly flashed in the left visual field and a picture of a mouse is briefly flashed in the right visual field of a split-brain patient. The individual will be able to use herright hand to indicate she saw a mouseA picture of a dog is briefly flashed in the left visual field of a split-brain patient. At the same time a picture of a boy is flashed in the right visual field. In identifying what she saw, the patient would be most likely toverbally report that she saw a boyThe ability to simultaneously copy different figures with the right and left hand is most characteristic of those whose ________ has been cut.corpus callosumDamage to the left cerebral hemisphere is most likely to reduce people's ability tospeak fluentlyIf primed with the flashed word foot, the ________ will be especially quick to recognize the word heel. If primed with foot, cry, and glass, the ________ will be especially quick to recognize the word cut.left hemisphere; right hemisphereA failure to recognize that one's arm or leg is a part of one's self is most likely to be associated with damage to theright hemisphereDeaf people who use sign language typicallyprocess language in their left cerebral hemisphere.Someone trying to figure out an optical illusion is probably experiencing increased brain waves and blood flow to which brain structure?right hemisphereSomeone trying to add a long series of three digit numbers is probably experiencing increased brain waves and bloodflow to which brain structure?left hemisphereWhich brain structure might be most active when answering the question "What do the following words have in common: plane, butter, insect?"Right hemisphereResearchers use dichotic listening tasks to investigate right-left differences in an intact brain. In this task, a different verbal stimulus is presented simultaneously to each ear. Findings suggest that participants more quickly recall information heard by the right ear. This suggests thatthe left hemisphere is dominant in language processingConsciousness isour subjective awareness of ourselves and our environmentWhat is the interdisciplinary study of how brain activity is linked with our mental processes called?cognitive neuroscienceWhich kind of psychological researcher would be most interested in the research question, "Do people who lose most of their cerebral cortex in an accident still exhibit signs of consciousness?"cognitive neuroscienceWhen looking at a flying bird, we are consciously aware of our cognitive processing ("It's a bird!") but not of our subconscious processing of the bird's form, color, distance, and movement. This illustrates what psychologists calldual processingSomeone skilled at word processing thinks several letters ahead while typing, whereas a beginner must focus on one letter at a time. A novice is most likely using _________ to complete the task.conscious serial processingWhich of the following describes evidence for the brain's dual processing ability?The brainstem keeps our heart beating while the cerebral cortex maintains awareness of the outside world.Which cognitive neuroscience term reflects the idea that "much of our everyday thinking, feeling, and acting operates outside our conscious awareness"?dual processingResearch into dual processing provides partial evidence for levels of consciousness similar to the levels first described by which psychologist?Sigmund Freud