Ancient Romans: Part 1 - Chapter 1

appearance of organized states. written records, architectural monuments, culptures, paintings, metal workings, specialized economy with: traders, artisans, and farmers.
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i: Rome needed them to fight in wars, ii: they were gaining oppurtunity to secure economic independence, iii: had able leaders from merchants and Artisans3 reasons for why the Plebians were able to gain a voice in government.sassembly where Plebians met to debate problems. They elected 10 TribunesIdentify the Tribal Assemblyan outlaw who interfered with a Tribune or injured a Tribunesignificance of "sacrosanct"simple laws written in brief sentencesIdentify the Twelve TablesPlebians left Rome to a bank on the northern Tiber since the Hortensian Law gave decrees of the Tribal assembly as full standing lawsSecession of the Plebs and the Hrtensian Lawan etruscan city, destroyed by Camillus after a several year siegeIdentify the Veiiceltic speaking peoples, launched raids into Roman territoryGaulsRomans fought barbarians in battle and was wiped outsignificance of the Allia RiverRoman general, appointed dictator to defend Rome in warCamillusresulted in the roman conquest of Italywhat was the result of Roman activity against the Gaulsrequired Rome to protect each allydescribe Roman alliancesby attention to religious vows by generals and the dedication of treasures to templesHow did Romans gain "Divine Support"officials who conducted ceremonies at enemy bordersFetialesblocks of men in 3 waves who operated independentlymaniplesall-weather roads binding the capital to other districtswhat kinds of roads did the romans buildlaid the first great Roman road, the via Appiaappius claudiusRoman citizenship was granted later, Allies had some self-government. They had to send men to the Roman armyprivileges of the Allies, obligations of Allies to Rome