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the ability to chause change or do work

Thermal Energy

energy caused by moving particiles in matter


the transfer of termal energy from one substance to another


a measure of the average amount of motion of the particles in matter - measured using a thermometer


transfer of heat energy by one thing toughing another ex. metal spoon in hot water heats up


materials that allow heat to move through them easily ex. metals, water


materials that limit the amount of heat that passes through them ex. wood, plastic

Static Electricty

when positive and negative charges between two objects are unbalances ex. sparks fly when you walk on carpet then touch metal object - clothing cling to each other in dryer

Opposite Charges

attarch each other

Same Charges

repel each other (push away from)

Electric Current

electric charges in motion travel quickly and invisibly

Electric Circuit

the path that current flows must be closed (no breaks) for current to flow


material that electrical charges CANNOT travel through easily ex. plastic, rubber, glass, wood


material that electric charges CAN travel through easily. ex most metals

Series Circuits

electric current travels in one single path

Parrallel Circuits

electric current has two or more paths in can follow


the pushing or pulling force that exists when magnetic material is near

magnetic Field

an invisible field around a magner - Earth is surrounded by a huge magnetic field


attracts things that are made of iron, steel, and other metals - have two poles (North and South) with opposite charges

Unlike Poles

attract each other

Like Poles

repel each other

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