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Jannis Kounellis
Untitled (12 Horses)
Alberto Giacometti
City Square
Francis Bacon
Head Surrounded by Sides of Beef
Jean Dubuffet
Cow with the Subtile Nose
Wols (Wolfgang Schulze)
Alberto Burri
Composition (Composizione)
Wifredo Lam
Arshile Gorky
Garden in Sochi
Jackson Pollock
Male and Female
Hans Namuth
Photograph of Jackson Pollock Painting
Jackson Pollock
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)
Lee Krasner
The Seasons
Williem de Kooning
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Knight Watch
Helen Frankenthaler
Mountains and Sea
Mark Rothko
NO. 61, Brown, Blue, Brown on Blue
Barnett Newman
Vir Heroicus Sublimis
David Smith
Hudson River Landscape
Louise Nevelson
Sky Cathedral
Joaquin Torres-Garcia
Abstract Art in Five Tones and Complementaries
Raul Lozza
Analytical Strucuture
Gyula Kosice
Madi Luminous Structure "F"
Robert Frank
Trolley, New Orleans
Diane Arbus
Child with Toy Hand Grenade
Minor White
Capitol Reef, Utah
Robert Rauschenberg
Jasper Johns
Target with Four Faces
Allan Kaprow
The Courtyard
Yves Klein
Anthropometries of the Blue Period
Jean Tinguely
Homage to New York
Richard Hamilton
Just What is that Makes Today's Homes so Different, So Appealing?
Andy Warhol
Marilyn Diptych
Roy Lichtenstein
Oh, Jeff...I Love You, Too...But...
Claes Oldenburg
Lipstick (Ascending) On Caterpillar Tracks
Jesus Rafael Soto
Armonia Transformable (Transformable Harmony)
Bridget Riley
Jack Bush
Tall Spread
Frank Stella
Judd Foundation
Eva Hesse
Rope Piece
Lygia Clark
Bicho LC3 (Pan-Cubisme)
Gilberto Zorio
Mario Merz
Joseph Kosuth
One and Three Chairs
Bruce Nauman
Self-Portrait As A Fountain
Joseph Beuys
How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare
Michael Heizer
Double Negative
Robert Smithson
Spiral Jetty
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Running Fence
Betye Saar
The Liberation of Aunt Jemima
Miriam Schapiro
Personal Appearance #3
Fraith Ringgold
Tar Beach (Part 1 From the Woman on the Bridge Series)
Ana Mendieta
Untitled Work from the Tree of Life Series
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson
Seagram Building
Eero Saarinen
Trans World Airlines Terminal, John F. Kennedy Airport
Moshe Safdie
Habitat '67
Robert Venturi
Vanna Venturi House
Philip Johnson and John Burgee
Model, AT&T Corporate Headquarters
Cindy Sherman
Untitled Film Still #21
Barbara Kruger
We Won't Play Nature to your Culture
Jeff Wall
After "Invisible Man" By Ralph Ellison, The Preface
Vik Muniz
Action Photo I (From "Pictures of Chocolate")
ANdreas Gursky
99 Cent
Anselm Kiefer
Heath of the Brandenburg March
Sigmar Polke
Raised Chair with Geese
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Horn Players
Judith F. Baca
The Division of the Barrios
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
The Red Mean: Self Portrait
Kerry James Marshall
Many Mansions
Takashi Murakami
Eye Love Superflat
Martin Puryear
Plenty's Boast
Anish Kapoor
As if to Celebrate, I Discovered a Mountain Blooming with Red Flowers
Rachel Whiteread
Kiki Smith
El Anatsui
After Kings
Norman Foster
Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank
Zaha Hadid
Vitra Fire Station
Frank O. Gehry
Guggenheim Museum
David Hammons
Higher Goals
Mel Chin
Revival Field: Pig's Eye Landfill
Ann Hamilton
Indigo Blue
Ken Smith
Moma Roof Garden
Nam June Paik
Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S.
Shirin Neshat
Production Stills from "Fervor"
Wenda Gu
United Nations-Babel of the Millennium
Chris Ofili
The Holy Virgin Mary
Judy Chicago
The Dinner Party
Shozo Shimamoto
Hurling Colors