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Changing the world
At any point in our life we can change the world. How many of us do so.
Each disaster is a test to help us strengthen our faith. We can use this as a stepping stone or a stumbling block.

In our life we will see good and bad things. Our goal should be not to let them shake our faith.
We are fortunate to have, do with everything you have the most that can be done with it.
You are the only person that can hurt you.
Faith is the glue of life. It holds us together. You don't need proof for faith.
There is never a point in your life when you can't change your ways.
True love is compassion to everyone, friend, enemy, or stranger. More powerful than hatred and violence. Don't underestimate the power that love has.
Being a good person has no restrictions. Not age, nor gender, nor skin, nor belief.
What is the value of an object? Often times we make it more than it is. Don't get so bogged down in "life" on earth that you forget the very one who created you.
The Past
It is never good to dwell on the past. Move to a better future. But always learn from the past. Our best is our best indicator towards our future.
"Why do you look at the splinter in your brother's eye, and not notice the beam which is in your own eye?" Matthew 7:3. It is better to look at what you did wrong than what your brother or sister did wrong.
Persistence is key. Do what you think is right and never stop.
No body is perfect, but that does not mean that we give up on our goals. We work as hard as we can and congragdulate ourselves on how far we come.
When your attackers charge you. Bow your head. "Turn the other cheek". It is there decision they are not proving anything.
Speak out
Don't be afraid to speak out. Words can hurt, but are sometimes necessary.
Remember humility is very important. Always stay humble.
We are all children, but children are the future of our world. Do not waste that. It is never too early to start.
Popularity is an illusion we put ourselves under to make ourselves feel better. It protects us from the real world and the real person inside us.
You don't need to prove anything to anyone, but yourself.
Mans destruction, if you don't have it you want it, if you have it you want more!
"You never know what you have until it is gone." It does not have do be like that. Be more appreciative of other people.
We are in an ever changing world. We do not always have to change with it. Do what is right not what is fun or what your friends are doing.
We live in a beautiful world. Be aware of it while you have the priveledge of living in it.
They can kill us and cure us. Funny how we can be influenced so much by a mass of letters. There is something more there.
Self Control
You are your biggest enemy. Ironic because you have more control over this enemy than any other. Control you biggest enemy and you have nothing to fear.
Try to find the good in life!
Has destroyed our world. The world isn't all about you. We all know that. Yet, we all show it once or twice.
The Good in Everyone
Try to find the good in everyone. Everyone has it. Sometimes you just have look a little harder.
Keep Hope! Even the tiniest bit of Hope has quite the effect.
As long as we are on this world there will be suffering, the challenge is how we deal with it.
If we need more, then why do we waste it.
Expect to succeed, but don't be surprised by failure. Use failure as a stepping stone.
Never rebel for rebellions sake. Rebel with just cause
The longer something sits under your skin, the more it grows. Kill it before it exists
Moving on
Never allow something to tear you apart so comletely that you forget happiness
The ultimate goal is to die to ourselves. To let go of our humanity and let God live inside us. We can't live half in half out.
Faith is the best medicine. No drug can match the power of faith and love.
Life is too short for us not to rejoice every second.