Anemia Ch 35

A child finds her mother's red iron tablets and swallows a few tablets. What action should the mother take?
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SK has which of the following classic symptoms of anemia? Select all that applyfatigue Exercise intolerance PallorWhat is the most likely cause of iron-deficiency anemia in SK?vegetarian dietWhat counseling should the pharmacist provide for SK's new medication? Select all that applyTake 2 hours before or 4 hours after taking any Tums Expect stools to get dark and tarry-looking Take on an empty stomachWhat test can be used to determine if absorption of vitamin B12 is adequate?Schilling TestIn which of the following patients is IV iron administration indicated? Select all that applyA man receiving hemodialysis for end-stage renal disease A man who will not accept a blood transfusion for religious reasons An anemic woman who vomits every time after taking her iron tabletWhich of the following IV iron preparations has the highest risk for anaphylaxis and requires a test dose prior to administration?iron dextran (INFeD)Which of the following nutrients are required for optimal red blood cell function? Select all that applyVitamin B12 Folic Acid IronSB is a female patient who lacks adequate secretion of intrinsic factor. She is at risk for what type of anemia?Vitamin B12 deficiency anemiaMP is a female patient who has been told to take ferrous sulfate 325 mg PO TID by her physician. How much elemental iron will MP receive daily?195 mgWhat is the most appropriate adjunct to oral iron supplementation to improve absorption?Abscorbic AcidWhich of the following groups of people are likely to require iron supplementation? Select all that applypregnant women Iron-poor dietKD presents to the pharmacy complaining of constipation over the past couple of weeks. He started taking ferrous sulfate 325 mg PO TID approximately 4 weeks ago. What should the pharmacist recommend?DocusateA patient comes to the pharmacy counter tells the pharmacist that her doctor wants her to take about 200 mg of elemental iron daily. He recommended ferrous fumarate, but she can only find bottles that have 324 mg per tablet and does not know how many to take. Which instructions are appropriate for the patienttake 1 tablet BIDLR has chronic kidney disease and has been prescribed Epogen. How does Epogen work?It stimulates red blood cell production in the bone marrowWhich of the following are causes of macrocytic anemia? Select all that applyAlcoholism Long-term use of metformin Chronic use of a PPIWhich of the following laboratory findings are consistent with iron deficiency anemia? Select all that applylow Hgb low MCV Low reticulocyte High TIBCErythropoiesis-stimulating agents require which of the following instructions? Select all that applyMonitor blood pressure during therapy Do not shake Store in the refrigeratorWhich lab values is indicative of macrocytic anemia?high MCVWhat is the antidote for iron overdose?DeferoxaminePatients with chronic kidney disease develop anemia because the kidneys cannot produce which hormone?ErythropoietinWhat is pica?Craving and eating substances with poor nutritional value such as ice, clay, or paperWhich of the following are potential side effects of Aranesp? Select all that applyhypertension stroke MI arthralgia