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The art of western civ, our last unit before the final. Whoa.


A type of art with no actual natural form. When it's hard to explain like this, it can only be one type of art.

1900 Abstraction

Date and style period?

1913 Cubism

Date and style period?

Analytical Cubism

Breaking up an image from multiple perspectives and rearranging the parts., The first phase of cubism where the forms are being analyzed, where they are broken down into individual planes and reconstructed, giving the sense of shifting perspectives and multiple viewpoints. A dull color palette of browns and greys doesn't distract the eye, allowing the viewer to concentrate on form (date around 1913).

Synthetic Cubism

A later phase of Cubism, in which paintings and drawings were constructed from objects and shapes cut from paper or other materials (as in collage) as well as planes of color to represent parts of a subject (date around 1913).

Synthetic Cubism

Example of...?

1913 Cubism

Date and style period?


An early 20th century artistic movement that attacked traditional cultural styles and stressed the absence of purpose in life; a response to the irrationality of WWI (date around 1915).

1913 Dada

Date and style period?


A 20th century movement of artists and writers (developing out of Dadaism) who used fantastic images and incongruous juxtapositions in order to represent unconscious thoughts and dreams (date around 1930).


Style period (date around 1915).


Technique to reveal unconscious mind; like "doodling," letting one's hand wander without thought.

1930 Skewed Reality

Date and style period?

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