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(1889-1945), extreme nationalist, believed the Germans to be a superior people and the natural rulers of central Europe, believed in exaggerated distortions of Darwinian theory of survival, inevitability of racial conflict, racism and anti-Semitism his most passionate convinctions, joined the German Workers' Party, gained absolute control, learned from first unsuccessful revolt: had to undermine the government and come to power legally through electoral competition, pursued legal strategy of using democracy to destroy democracy, promised German voters economic as well as political and international salvation, appealed strongly to the German youth, appointed chancellor by Hindenburg in 1933, established an unshakeable dictatorship, Enabling Act gave Hitler absolute dictatorial power for 4 years, moved to control all independent organizations, abolished independent labor unions, replaced them with Nazi Labor Front, violently anti-intellectual, gained the support of the army by eliminating the SA, launched a public works program to pull Germany out of the Depression, turned Germany decisively toward rearmament and preparation for war, persecuted Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, communists and homosexuals, camouflaged aggressive policies at first, used blitzkrieg warfare to dominate much of continental Europe, New Order based on racial imperialism, ideas shared by SS and Himmler, SS pushed to implement this program of destruction, condemned all European Jews to extermination