MGMT 4860 ch 7 quiz

An organization's ____ in the work process that is directly related to the organization's mission.
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Vintichic, a fashion house, plans to launch its new collection for summer. Each department has a part to play in producing the final product. The designers send the fabric and designs to the tailors, the tailors send the sewed clothes to the department that accessorize the clothes, the accessorizing department sends the clothes to the packaging and shipping department, and finally the packaging and shipping department transports the clothes to their various outlets throughout the world. In this scenario, the type of interdependence exhibited by the departments of the fashion house is _____.
According to Amy Kates, firms can start exploring organization design by drawing out their current organization model and the structures being used.TrueWhich of the following is considered the classic management view?NOT decentralized structure modelAccording to the Linkedin learning video on organization design, organization design is static decision.FalseExamples of how organizations have attempted to achieve kaizen include all of the following except:NOT lean managementThe process of continuous improvement:NOT evolved from attempts to dismantle bureaucracy.