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Decent Teaching_The Homeless Coder_

Vocabulary from news articles on Leo Grand, 'The Homeless Coder'.
To cause a...
commotion/ fuss
This story was all over the...
an obstacle or difficulty
broken into many pieces
write or compose
perform a difficult and series of tests at someone else's request or command
jump through hoops
deliberately cruel or violent
one of a series of barriers to be jumped over in a race; (fig.) something that makes an achievement difficult
to say or write good things about (someone or something); to express approval of (someone or something)
to praise
a sudden violent backward movement or reaction; (fig.) a strong adverse reaction (as to a recent political or social development)
to remove (something) completely; to eliminate or destroy (something harmful)
to eradicate
to gradually cause someone to have (an attitude, feeling, etc.)
to instill
to talk or write about (someone or something) in a very critical or insulting way; to say that (someone or something) is ridiculous or has no value
to deride
to confuse (someone) very much
to bewilder
to give a small amount of color to (something); to give a small amount of some quality to (something)
to tinge
to clobber
to hit someone hard
to belittle
to make (someone or something) seem unimportant
to inundate
to overhelm / overload someone with things to be done
malfunction or irregularity (of something)
to renounce
to reject; to declare an abandonment
entrepreneurial is someone who take a risks in hope of profit