29 terms

Computer Apps Final Chapter 7

a collection of document, image, video, and sound files that can be linked and accessed over the Internet using a protocol called HTTP
a way of organizing a collection of docs by assigning an address to each and providing a way to link from one address to another.
Web site
contains a collection of related information organized and formatted so it can be accessed using software called a browser
similar to podcasting, but with video instead of audio files
Web server
an internet-based computer that accepts requests from browsers
Web page
the product or output of one or more Web-based files displayed in a format similar to a page in a book
Web browser
client software that displays Web page elements and handles links between pages
every web page's unique address
a set of specifications fro creating documents that browser can display as a web page
markup language
Called HTML because authors mark up documents by inserting special instructions
HTML tags
specify how the document should appear when displayed on a computer screen or printed
a small chunk of data generated by a Web server and stored in a text file on your computer's hard disk
HTML script
can be embedded directly into the text of an HTML doc or in a file referenced from an HTML doc
Java applet
an application written in the Java programming language
digital certificate
an electronic attachment to a file that verifies the identity of its source
Keyword stuffing
an unethical practice in which meta keywords are manipulated to gain high relevancy rankings
Business to Consumer, in which individual consumers purchase goods and services from online merchants
Consumer to consumer, another popular e-commerce model, in which consumers sell to each other at popular online auctions
Business to Business, e-commerce involves one enterprise buying goods or services from another enterprise
Business to Government, e-commerce aims to help businesses sell to governments
online auction
the electronic equivalent to good old-fashioned yard sales, rummage sales, and auctions
secure connection
encrypts the data transmitted between your computer and a Web site
person-to-person payment
offers an alternative to credit cards
online jargon for internet etiquette
flash cookie
the flash equivalent of a conventional web cookie
a type of security software designed to identify and neutralize web bugs, ad-serving cookies, and other spyware
unwanted electronic junk mail about medical products, low-cost loans, and fake software upgrades that arrives in your mailbox
an email based scam that's designed to persuade you to reveal confidential information such as your bank account number or social security number
an exploit that redirects users to fake sites by "poisoning" a domain name server with a false IP address