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  1. parody
  2. anomaly
  3. cajole
  4. succinct
  5. pulchritude
  1. a to coax, urge
  2. b physical beauty
  3. c something that does not fit into the normal order
  4. d a satirical imitation
  5. e marked by compact precision

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  1. a disastrous event, or a work of art in which the hero meets a terrible fate
  2. having a healthy, reddish colour
  3. stubbornly persistent; holding to a belief or position
  4. to increase or make greater
  5. existing everywhere, widespread

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  1. callousreserved, distant


  2. complicitan expression of esteem or approval


  3. lacerationa cut, tear


  4. aloofto give up on a half-finished project or effort


  5. presumptuousexisting everywhere, widespread