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  1. credulity
  2. ubiquitous
  3. refrain
  4. complicit
  5. succinct
  1. a existing everywhere, widespread
  2. b to hold oneself back, forbear
  3. c being an accomplice in a wrongful act
  4. d readiness to believe
  5. e marked by compact precision

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  1. clear, sharp, direct
  2. physical beauty
  3. with hands on hips and elbows extending outward
  4. relating to the sky or the heavens
  5. shrewd, showing sound judgement

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  1. aggrandizeto hold oneself back, forbear


  2. brasha poet, often a singer as well


  3. presumptuousdisrespectfully bold


  4. metamorphosisa change of form, shape, substance


  5. anomalysomething that does not fit into the normal order