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  1. anomaly
  2. myriad
  3. sate
  4. bard
  5. contusion
  1. a something that does not fit into the normal order
  2. b a poet, often a singer as well
  3. c a bruise, injury
  4. d consisting of a very great number
  5. e to satisfy (an appetite) fully

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  1. a change of form, shape, substance
  2. harsh, cold, unfeeling
  3. brief to the point of being superficial
  4. charming, attractive
  5. existing everywhere, widespread

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  1. supplantto displace and substitute for another


  2. exorbitantexcessive


  3. veneera superficial or deceptively attractive appearance, facade


  4. satiateto satisfy (an appetite) fully


  5. ruddyhaving a healthy, reddish colour