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  1. ethereal
  2. sate
  3. brash
  4. cursory
  5. abort
  1. a to give up on a half-finished project or effort
  2. b to satisfy (an appetite) fully
  3. c brief to the point of being superficial
  4. d hasty or lacking in sensitivity
  5. e heavenly, exceptionally delicate or refined

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  1. an expression of esteem or approval
  2. charming, attractive
  3. clear, sharp, direct
  4. a disastrous event, or a work of art in which the hero meets a terrible fate
  5. to catch sight of, glimpse

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  1. submissiveeasily yielding to authority


  2. anomalyof supernatural character or origin


  3. satiateto satisfy excessively


  4. pulchritudephysical beauty


  5. cajoleto coax, urge