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  1. complicit
  2. ubiquitous
  3. cajole
  4. torrid
  5. brash
  1. a being an accomplice in a wrongful act
  2. b hasty or lacking in sensitivity
  3. c existing everywhere, widespread
  4. d giving off intense heat, passionate
  5. e to coax, urge

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  1. an assault or an array of similar things intended for use toether
  2. sharp, severe
  3. to give up on a half-finished project or effort
  4. reserved, distant
  5. an expression of esteem or approval

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  1. sateto satisfy (an appetite) fully


  2. presumptuousexisting everywhere, widespread


  3. pulchritudesharp, severe


  4. metamorphosisa change of form, shape, substance


  5. brazenhasty or lacking in sensitivity