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  1. laceration
  2. pertinacious
  3. swarthy
  4. whet
  5. brusque
  1. a a cut, tear
  2. b of dark colour or complexion
  3. c stubbornly persistent; holding to a belief or position
  4. d short, abrupt, dismissive
  5. e to make more keen, stimulate

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  1. physical beauty
  2. a grossly inferior imitation
  3. hasty or lacking in sensitivity
  4. readiness to believe
  5. existing everywhere, widespread

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  1. celestialrelating to the sky or the heavens


  2. complimentbeing an accomplice in a wrongful act


  3. barda poet, often a singer as well


  4. succinctto displace and substitute for another


  5. haila poet, often a singer as well