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  1. whet
  2. sagacious
  3. supplant
  4. swarthy
  5. espy
  1. a to make more keen, stimulate
  2. b to catch sight of, glimpse
  3. c to displace and substitute for another
  4. d of dark colour or complexion
  5. e shrewd, showing sound judgement

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  1. to hold oneself back, forbear
  2. being an accomplice in a wrongful act
  3. a superficial or deceptively attractive appearance, facade
  4. giving off intense heat, passionate
  5. having a healthy, reddish colour

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  1. aggrandizeto increase or make greater


  2. celestialheavenly, exceptionally delicate or refined


  3. acuteto satisfy (an appetite) fully


  4. brashhasty or lacking in sensitivity


  5. uncannymarked by compact precision


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