04.07 Module 4 Exam (93%)

Investigators are dusting the crime scene for fingerprints but are only finding partial prints. What amount of points do they need to have to be able to compare these partials to a suspect's prints?
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Investigator Benton uses several methods to analyze hair samples found at the crime scene. He examines the physical features of the hairs, their color and shape, as well as the medulla of the hairs. Using the hair root, he tests for nuclear DNA and also for mitochondrial DNA. Which of these tests would most likely indicate the owner's identity?

Investigator Clayton is called to the scene of a crime. A young woman has been murdered in her apartment. Several hairs are found on the victim's jacket, but they do not have follicular tissue or a root attached. Police suspect Travis, the young woman's neighbor, of the crime. Investigators can only try to analyze for mitochondrial DNA. The mitochondrial DNA matches Travis but who else could it match?
Nuclear DNA can be found in follicular tissue or root attached to a hair sample.TrueInvestigators find a blood spatter than is nearly a perfect circle. The blood most likelydropped to the surface from a 90-degree angleWhich of the following is not considered a blood type?CWhich kind of blood stain develops due to gravity?PassiveTrue or False. A bloody footprint or fingerprint is considered a passive stain.False