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  1. e. all of the above
  2. Trypanosoma cruzi
  3. The Principle of Effectivity
  4. Winter bottoms
  5. screwworms
  1. a ______ The doctrine that stated you couldn't set up a colony in name only. You had to colonize it, set up a government administration, and use it economically. If you didn't, then another country could takeover your claim to it.
  2. b _______ is the inflamation and swelling of lymph nodes in the cervical chain caused by trypanosomes that was used by slave traders to recognize diseased individuals.
  3. c 16. Most fly larvae that consume vertebrate tissue feed upon dead tissues, but ______________ feed on living tissue around wounds.
  4. d Which of the following contributed to the development of crowd diseases?
    a. use of nightsoil
    b. irrigation
    c. clearing forests
    d. domesticating animals
    e. all of the above
    f. none of the above
  5. e Chaga's disease

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  1. Yaws is a debilitating disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. T/F
  2. The fungus that causes leaf rust of coffee produces this type of infectious spore _____________.
  3. Tamil Indians were brought to Ceylon by the French to harvest rubber in 1870. T/F
  4. John Dunlop invented the process of vulcanization. T/F
  5. Kala-azar

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  1. Schistosomiasis___________ is a chronic irritation that prevents an organism from reaching its maximum genetic potential.


  2. FalseWhile on a tropical vacation in Central America, if a Dermatobia hominis lands on you, you should kill it because it could lay an egg on you resulting in an unintended souvenir - a case of myaiasis. T/F


  3. TrueThe policy of "Whitening" in 19th century Brazil was compatible with the "Yellow Fever Construct." T/F


  4. c. They were able to forge iron and steelThe government of Ceylon and the plantation owners imported Tamil workers from southern India rather than employ the local Sinhala workers to work the coffee plantations for which of the following reasons.
    a. The local Sinhala workers were unreliable.
    b. The coffee harvest coincided with heavy labor demands for village agriculture.
    c. The pay on the plantations was too low.
    d. Paychecks were erratic/irregular.
    e. The Ceylonese ruling class despised Hindus.
    f. All except e above.


  5. PneumoniaThe South African government and the mine owners established a medical institute for the sole purpose of developing an effective vaccine against which of the following diseases?
    a. Rinderpest.
    b. Tuberculosis.
    c. Pneumonia.
    d. Measles.
    e. None of the above.