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  1. blood flukes
  2. False
  3. a. passive transmission
  4. e. all of the above
  5. a. crowd diseases
  1. a High malaria mortality rates in developing African countries help to curb population growth. T/F
  2. b Pathogens that spread quickly & efficiently, cause acute rather than chronic illnesses, induce immunity and require a pop of sufficient density are characteristics of what kind of diseases?
    a. crowd diseases
    b. non-crowd diseases
    c. chronic diseases
    d. acute diseases
    e. all bacterial diseases
    f. epizootic diseases
  3. c When a pathogen waits for one host to be eaten by the next host, it is called
    a. passive transmission
    b. active transmission
    c. congenital transmission
    d. anatomical modification
  4. d Schistosomiasis
  5. e Which of the following contributed to the development of crowd diseases?
    a. use of nightsoil
    b. irrigation
    c. clearing forests
    d. domesticating animals
    e. all of the above
    f. none of the above

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  1. The infestation of live vertebrate animals with Diptera (fly) larvae is called _______________.
  2. Microcyclus ulei
  3. Sickle cell anemia confers resistance to
    a. yellow fever
    b. trypanosomiasis
    c. schistosomiasis
    d. malaria
  4. Which of the following cast doubt on the Beringia land bridge theory that humans arrived in the New World around 20,000 ybp
    a. Evidence of village life in Chile/S. Peru >43,000 ybp.
    b. Amerindians had their own Neolithic Revolution concurrent with that in the Fertile Crescent.
    c. Solid evidence that the first Amerindians arrived by boat from Australia about 50,000 ybp.
    d. Wreckage of a spacecraft near Machu Pichu, Peru found in 1947.
    e. a and b above.
    f. All of the above.
    g. None of the above
  5. Pre-Incan pottery from Ecuador and Peru displayed depictions of skin lesions and facial deformities that are indicative of _____________.

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  1. pork tapewormInadvertently consuming the cysts of Taenia solium can result in a condition known as __________________.


  2. Tea and rubberHenry Wickham stole rubber seeds from Brazil and shipped them to England. T/F


  3. The mosquito/AnophelesHepatosplenomegaly


  4. a. European imperialism in the late 19th centuryYaws is easily treated by which of the following?
    a. Vitamin C supplements.
    b. Penicillin injections.
    c. Draining swampy areas.
    d. b & c above


  5. c. It is a general drag on the economies by increasing morbidity and mortality on the general work force.South Africa is surrounded by the nations of:
    a. Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland.
    b. Namibia, Lesotho, 'Zimbabwe, Swaziland
    c. Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Botswana
    d. Egypt, Madagascar, Brazil, and India
    e. Bophutatswana, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe