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  1. True
  2. a. Pop increase, labor intensive agric., resource depletion, & human diseases.
  3. d. agriculture
  4. Trypanosoma cruzi
  5. False
  1. a While on a tropical vacation in Central America, if a Dermatobia hominis lands on you, you should kill it because it could lay an egg on you resulting in an unintended souvenir - a case of myaiasis. T/F
  2. b The primary reason Brazil was unable to cultivate rubber was because of a plant pathogen. T/F
  3. c Which of the following best explains the great Mayan collapse?
    a. Pop increase, labor intensive agric., resource depletion, & human diseases.
    b. Pop increase, poor weather & plant diseases.
    c. Poor agric. technology.
    d. Pop increase & poor agric. technology.
  4. d Chagas disease
  5. e Which of the following is an ultimate factor that lead to the rise of civilization?
    a. horses
    b. epidemic diseases
    c. writing
    d. agriculture
    e. all of the above
    f. none of the above

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  1. The South African government and the mine owners established a medical institute for the sole purpose of developing an effective vaccine against which of the following diseases?
    a. Rinderpest.
    b. Tuberculosis.
    c. Pneumonia.
    d. Measles.
    e. None of the above.
  2. Yaws is easily treated by which of the following?
    a. Vitamin C supplements.
    b. Penicillin injections.
    c. Draining swampy areas.
    d. b & c above
  3. Which of the following has been caused by Plasmodium spp.?
    a. malaria
    b. mother of fevers
    c. the ague
    d. all of the above
    e. none of the above
  4. ______ The doctrine that stated you couldn't set up a colony in name only. You had to colonize it, set up a government administration, and use it economically. If you didn't, then another country could takeover your claim to it.
  5. Scurvy

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  1. FalseBovine pleuropneumonia is caused by Mycobacterium pneumoniae. T/F


  2. TamilHemileia vastatrix


  3. TrueMicrocyclus ulei


  4. FalseTamil Indians were brought to Ceylon by the French to harvest rubber in 1870. T/F


  5. Winter bottoms________ was a U.S. Army physician who cleared Cuba of Yellow Fever.