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Ethnocultural Psychology

Cognition & Perception
How are Westerner artists different in the way they portray the world?
they paint horizons much lower and
people much larger
Analytic thinking
focus on objects & their attributes,
-Western cultures
Holistic thinking
focus on the relations among objects and surrounding contexts
-Eastern cultures
East Asians use thematic categorization strategy based on...
causal, temporal, or spatial relationships
Major difference in Eastern and Western though can be seen in...
The analytic style of Westerners tied to...
education and independence
Rorschach ink blots
Americans look at one aspect of card
Chinese-Americans give "whole-card" response
field independence
can separate objects from their background fields
field dependence
tend to view objects as bound to their backgrounds
extremely quick eye movements that shift people's gaze from one fixation point to another
Fundamental Attribution error
we assume that people's behavior reflects their underlying dispositions, even when we know they were required to behave in a certain way
Naive dialecticism
acceptance of contradiction