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Internal moment and forces represent the ___________ of the force and moment distributions on the plane
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Which is a mechanism of ductile fracture?initial necking, formation of cavities, and crack formsThis parameter relates the critical stress for crack propagation to the crack lengthfracture toughnessSome materials will change from ductile to brittle behavior at low temperatures. This phenomenon is known as what?ductile-brittle transitionWhich describes ductile fracture?exhibits extensive deformation around a crackWhich affects the fatigue life of a material?mean stress, inclusion of notches or discontinuities, and polishingIn this type of system two components completely dissolve into one anotherbinary isomorphousGenerally speaking, which are kinds of information available in a phase diagram?phases present, composition of phases, and percentages/fractions of phasesThis is the point at a specific composition and temperature where the liquid transforms into two solid phases upon coolingeutectic pointWhich is the microstructural product of an iron-carbon alloy of eutectoid composition consisting of alternating layers of ferrite and cementite?pearliteBased on the analysis of the iron/iron-carbide phase diagram, which best describes steels?0.008 to 2.14 wt% C