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ECE 101

Cohort refers to a group of people who
are born within ta few years of one another
According to Psychoanalytic theories, human development is mainly determined by
our unconscious motives and drives
Sigmund Freud and Erikson are best known for their contributions to theory
A father wants his son to help his mother was the dishes every night. According to social learning theory, the father should:
help out with the dishes himself.
Pavlov's dogs salivated at the sound of the bell because they
learned to associate the bell with food
According to erikson an infant must resolve the crisis of
trust vs mistrust
The scientist who first demonstrated classical conditioning was
Ivan Pavlov
When a person can understand new experiences using his existing thought processes, he has achieved
cognitive equilibrium
A major pioneer in cognitive theory was
Which of the following is the best example of the application of epigenetic theory?
Only individuals with a gene for schizophrenia and a traumatic early life event are likely to develop schizophrenia.
In order, Freud's fist three stages of development
oral anal and phallic
Researchers have an ethical obligation to choose topics that
are of major importance to society
The values assumptions customs clothing technologies and art that a group of people have developed over the years as a design for living are referred to as their
An epigenetic effect that influences the sex of a child is the
age of the mother
It is much easier for children to learn a second language than it is for adults.
Sensitive period
Behaviorism is a theory and is also referred to as theory
grand and learning
A manner of studying human development that stresses the fluctuations that occur constantly throughout life is referred to as the
dynamic-systems theory
Traits capacities and limitations that we each receive from our biological parents are said to be a result of
When an emergent theory becomes a consistent and recurring source of research and becomes comprehensive and widely applied it has become what type of theory
The central thesis of sociocultural theory is that human development is the result of a dynamic interaction between developing persons and their
surrounding society and culture
An individual's socioeconomic status includes
level of education
If a group of people have the same ancestors religion and language they said to be part of the same
ethnic group
An individual's socioeconomic status includes
level of education
The study of juman development may best be described as an attempt to understand
how and why people change across the life span
When we adjust our old ways of thinking in order to include new information, Piaget calls this process
How do infants react to their mothers when the mother speaks to them in a monotone
They tend to be wary and disengaged
Within the scientific method once a researcher poses a question her next step is to
develop a hypothesis
Which of the following is not one of the domains of human development discussed in the text
chronological development
Identify an example of scientific observation
watching mother-child interactions at home
Our gentic structure is set
at the moment of conception
When doing research with children which of the following must be obtained
the parents informed consent
A researcher in human development who takes an eclectic approach
uses parts of several theories rather than sticking to one particular theory
What does current research tell us about the resolution of the nature-nurture controversy
We can no longer attribute behavior to one or the other since virtually all human behaviors result from a complex interaction between nature and nurture.
In Vygotsky's idea of social apprenticeship a mentor draws the child into zone of
proximal development
If you were to see a man from the nation of Fiji but had never seen someone from there before, you would still recognize him as a human being. This cognitive process is called
To understand levels of human development, Urie Bronfenbrenner advocated
Ecological systems approch
Scientific method order
Begin with curiosity
develop a hypothesis
test hypothesis
draw conclusion
At approximately what age will a child begin to utter her first two sentences
21 months
Typically stranger wariness is first noticeable
9 months
What is the most likely reason that parents would choose a co sleeping arrangements for their infant.
because of cultural norms
The sense that is the least developed at birth is
Marasmus results froms
protein calorie malnutrition in early infancy
A typical child at 24 months weighs about
30 pounds
A parent and a toddler meet someone the toddler does not know but who makes the parent nervous. The toddler will probably
act anxious
Which of the following demonstrates the Babinski reflex
An infants toes fan upward when her foot is stroked
The term holophrase is used to denote
the infants use of one word to express a whole tought
Which of the following best defines the term affordance
the opportunity for perception and interaction that is offered by people the environment and objects
Newborns prefer
speech over most other sounds
The swiss scientist who emphasized that infants are active learners and that early learning is based on sensory and motor skills was
Sigmund Freud
A process stimulation the body's immune system to defend the body against a contagious disease is called
hours infants sleep
17 hours
Sigmund Freud was a
Psychoanalytic theorist
Which is not a reflex facilitates feeding
The average North American newborn measures
20 inches
Studies comparing breast feeding with a bottle show that
breast fed babies have fewer allergies and stomachaches
baby talk
high pitch
Parents with more education are most likely to start toilet training
later in the child's development
Children reach half their adult height by age
2 years
The language acquisition device lad was proposed by Chomsky to explain
The universal inborn ability to lean language
The first crisis of life according to Erikson
trust vs mistrust
Infant daycare is of high quality if care givers emphasize among other things
sensorimotor exploration
sign of secure attachment
a child being willing to explore a new environment in the presence of the caregiver
Which of the following acronyms might you use to remember the Big Five personality traits
If a child's weight is in the 50th percentile this means that
50 percent of his cohorts weigh less than he does
An illusion of a drop between one surface and another is called
visual cliff
If we place a dot of rouge on an 18 month old's nose and stand the child in front of a mirror she may then touch her nose. This shows that the child has some
When infants turn their heads and suck in response to a touch on the cheek they are demonstrating the
Babinski reflex
When a baby is upset because a caregiver is leaving the baby is exhibiting
separation anxiety
Geoffrey enjoys spending time with his 1 year old son. Compared with his wife Geoffrey's interaction with their son is likely to be
more playful
Assume that an abusive caregiver shakes an infant to get her to stop crying. The infant stops crying. The infant stops crying because of what mechanisms
Blood vessels in her brain rupture and neural connections break
Which of the following is not on of the four categories of temperament suggested by the new york longitudinal study
A crucial aspect of synchrony is
mutual interaction
during sensorimotor stage the main task is to
sense and motor skills
A basic nerve cell in the central nervous system is called
Proximity seeking and contact maintaining behaviors are displays of
The objects continue to exist when they cannot be seen defines
object permanence
What is a Apgar scale
It is a test that is given 1min after birth to quickly evaluate an infant's health condition. This will determine if the infant needs emergency medical attentions is needed.
Apgar scale measures
five vitals signs heart rate breathing muscles tone color and reflexes.