latin words and phrases used in english list 1

ad infinitum
to infinity
ad nauseum
to the point of disgust
ante bellum
before the war
ars longa, vita brevis
art is long, life is short
carpe diem
sieze the day
corpus delicti
the body of crime (there has to be a crime to arrest someone)
de jure (literally)
concerning the law
de jure (usage)
sanctioned by law
de mortuis nil nisi bonum
(say) nothing about the dead unless good
dalma mater (literally)
foster mother
alma mater (usage)
a school you're graduated from
bona fide (literally)
in good faith
bona fide (usage)
cave canem
beware of the dog
de facto (literally)
concerning the action
de facto (usage)
sanctioned by tradition
et tu, brute
and you brutus
errare est humanum
to error is human
ex libris
from the library of
ex post facto (literally)
from after the action/ fact
ex post facto (usage)