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1970 Naturalization act

-limited naturalization to immigrants who were "free white persons" of "good moral character".
-left out indentured servants, slaves, free blacks, and later Asians.

1838 Trail of tears

-relocation and movement of Native American nations

1848 treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo

-ends Mexican & American War
-Mexicans living in acquired territory, can have citizenship or permanent residence.
-Considered white by implication
-Preserve their land rights/property
-Small class of property owners (spanish decent)

1857 Dred Scott v. Sandford


1882 Chinese Exclusion Act

-banned from U.S. Immigration
-pushed into isolated industrial areas filled with waste & hazards

1890 Wounded Knee Massacre


1917 Asiatic Barred Zone

-also known as immigration act
-included eastern asia & the pacific islands, these people COULD NOT immigrate

1922 Cable act


1924 Johnson Reid Act

racial quotas; decreased 2% from any country from 1890

1924 Indian Citizenship Act

-granted full american citizenship to indians
-14th amendment doesn't matter to these people
-didn't include citizens born before the date it was created
-communal land & land rights

1907 Gentlemen's Agreement

Japanese & U.S. Agree Japan won't migrate but the U.S. Has to be nice to the existing immigrants.

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