impossible history test

Woodrow Wilson's 2 slogans justifying war
make the world safe from democracy, war to end all wars
Wilson wanted "peace ______ _______"
without victory
What were three things Wilson's Fourteen Points called for?
national self-determination, democracy, free trade
How did the French seek to create a just and lasting peace?
tear down Germany so they couldn't threaten
What were five things the Treaty of Versailles did to Germany?
reparations, war guilt, restrictions on military, split up colonies, created new states
Name seven countries created in the Middle East after WWII.
Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Turkey
`Which newly formed countries in the Middle East were NOT "mandates?"
Saudi Arabia, Republic of Turkey
Which two countries created the Sykes-Picot agreement?
Great Britain, France
What did the countries in the Sykes-Picot Agreement agree on?
Split up the new Middle East countries as colonies
What did the Balfour Declaration say?
Jews needed a homeland
Which significant Ottoman leader made the most progressive reforms?
Mustafa Kemal/Ataturk
Name two of Lenin's slogans.
peace, land, bread, all power to soviets
Why did the armenian genocide occur?
Turks suspicious of russian defectors
Who made the Balfour Declaration?
What is capitalism?
market economy based on free trade and private property
What is socialism?
means of production owned by government
What is communism?
all property owned by people/state
What was the treaty of Brest-Litovsk?
took russians out of wwi
Why did the Allies see the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk as a betrayal?
gave germany lots of land, freed up troops
Which people were "whites" during the Russian Civil War?
liberal democrats
Which people were "reds" during the Russian Civil War?
What did the New Economic Policy (NEP) require?
farmers had to give certain amount of food to gov
What did collectivization do?
consolidated farms and farmers
Who implemented the policy of collectivization?
Josef Stalin
What was a "five-year plan?"
goal of production to be achieved in five years
What are the three basic principles of liberal democracy?
majority rule, rule of law, individual rights
How did Lenin disprove his claims of "peace, land, and bread?"
gave peasants nobles' land, push for communal property
How did Lenin disprove his claims of "all power to the Soviets?"
announced elections to write constitution, disbanded committee b/c not enough of his people were on it
Name three major reasons for the rise of fascism.
great depression, fear of communism, frustration with democracy
Name four major WWII allied powers.
usa, britain, france, soviets
Name the Axis powers.
germany, italy, japan
What was "lebensraum"?
living space
Why did the Nazis want "lebensraum"?
living space for greater germany
What did the Munich Agreement allow?
germany to take sudetenland
When was the Munich Agreement signed?
What did the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact do to Poland?
split it in two
What is blitzkrieg?
lightning war
Was marxism for or against international organizations?
Was marxism for or against nationalism?
Was marxism for or against women's rights?
Was marxism for or against religion?
In what month was the Bolshevik Revolution?
In what month was the first Russian revolution?
What was Wilson's view on the two things that started WWI?
aggressive nationalism, oppressive governments
What were Wilson's three requirements for a lasting peace?
democracy, capitalism, cooperation
What was the French belief for the cause of war?
What was the French solution to create a lasting peace?
weaken germany
How did the French seek to achieve a just peace?
german reparations/war guilt
What was the Soviets' view on what caused the war?
What was the Soviets' view on how to create a lasting peace?
worker revolutions and worldwide communism
During what years did Benito Mussolini rule Italy?