Chapter 2-- Early Indian Civilizations (Mississippians)

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wattle-and-daubsmall shelter made of wooden poles covered with woving siding of bark branches and twigs (called wattle) and then covered with sticky mud and clay (called daub)palisadea fence made of wooden poles that surrounds a settlement from attackmoata wide, water-filled ditch built to surround a settlement or building to protect it from attackbluffa high cliff, often overlooking a riverearthen moundsbuilt by Mississippians for important buildings, religious buildings, and priest/chief homeschiefdoma group of villages and surrounding areas that was ruled by a central chiefhierarchya system or organization in which people or groups are ranked according to status or authoritytributean offering or payment to a leader or rulerelitePeople of wealth and powerHernando de SotoSpanish explorer who fought the Mississippians in search of gold and lost, but brought them diseases that killed many of them

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