50 terms

ISYS chapter 12

"look and feel" copyright onfringement lawsuits are concerned with:
the distinction between an idea and its expression
one of the difficulties of patent protection is:
the years of waiting to recieve it
re-designing and automating business processes can be seen as a double-edged sword because:
increases in efficiency may be accompanied by job losses
which of the following best describes how new information systems result in legal gray areas?
they result in new situations that are not covered by old laws
the use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed information on individuals is called
which of the five moral dimesnions of the information age does spamming raise?
quality of life
according to the ______, you should take the action that produces the least harm
risk aversion principle
the p3p standard is concerned with:
blocking or limiting cookies
which U.S act restricts the information the federal government can collect and regulates what they can do with the information?
Privacy Act of 1974
the practice of spamming has been growing because:
it is so inexpensive and can reach so many people
the federal trade commission FIP principle of notice/awareness states that:
web sites must disclose their information practices before collecting data
the U.S CAN-SPAM Act of 2003:
requires spammers to identify themselves
the limitation of trade secret protection for software is tha it is difficult to prevent the ideas in the work from falling into the public domain when:
the software is widely distributed
the four key technical trends responsible for current ethical stresses related to information technology are (1) doubling of computer power every 18 months, (2) data analysis advances, (3) declining data storage costs, and (4)_________
networking advances and the internet
U.S. businesses are allowed to use personal data from EU countries if they:
develop equivalent privacy protection policies
accepting the potential costs, duties, and obligations for the decision you make is referred to as:
which of the following adjusts copyright laws to the internet age by making it illegal to circumvent technology-based protections of copyrighted materials?
digital millennium copyright act
_______ are not held liable for the messages they transmit
regulated common carriers
a colleague of yours frequently takes his own personal small amounts of office supplies, noting that the loss to the company is minimal. You counter that if everyone were to take office supplies, the loss would no longer be minimal. Your rationale expresses which historical ethical principe?
Kants categorical imperative
immanuel kants categorical imperative states that:
if an action is not right for everyone to take, it is not right for anyone to take
NORA is a:
new data analysis technology that finds hidden connections between data in disparate sources
which of the following U.S laws gives patients access to personal medical records and the right to authorize how this information can be used or disclosed?
which of the following is not one of the three principal sources of poor system performance?
insufficient integration with external systems
a(n) _______ model of informed consent permits the collection of personal information untill the consumer specifically requests that the data not be collected
the "do anything anywhere" computing enviroment can:
blur the traditional boundaries between work and family time
which of the following is ot one of the five steps discussed in the chapter as a process for analyzing an ethical issue?
assign responsibility
in the information age, the obligations that individuals and organizations have regarding the preservation of existing values and institutions fall within the moral dimension of:
quality of life
the U.S department of commerce developed a ______ framework in order to enable U.S. businesses to legally use personal data from EU countries
what legal mechanism protects the owner of intellectual property from having their work copied by others?
copyright law
a classic ethical dilemma is the hypothetical case of a man stealing from a grocery store in order to feed his starving family. If you used the Utilitarian Principle to evaluate this situation, you might argue that stealing the food is:
acceptable, because the higher value is the survival of the family
the online privacy alliance
encourages self-regulation to develop a set of privacy guidelines for its members
European privacy protection is_______ than the united states
much more stringent
when a cookie is created during a web site visit, it is stored:
on the visitors computer
the feature of political systems in which a body of laws is in place that permits individuals to recover the damage done to them by other actors, systems, or organizations is referred to as:
in the information age, the obligations that individuals and organizations have concerning rights to intellectual property fall within the moral dimension of:
property rights and obligations
p3p stands for
platform for privacy preferences
the feature of social institutions that means mechanisms are in place to determine responsibility for an action is called
the term "______ divide" refers to large disparities in access to computer and the internet among different social groups and different locations
in general, it is very difficult to hold software producers liable for their software products when those products are considered to be:
similiar to books
CVS refers to:
eyestrain related to computer display screen use
the process in law-governed societies in which laws are known and understood and there is an ability to appeal to higher authorities to ensure that the laws are applied correctly is called:
due process
the most common source of business system failure is:
data quality
the ethical "no free lunch" rule states that:
everything is owned by someone else, and that the creator wants compensation for this work
which of the five moral dimesions of the information age do the central business activities of choicepoint raise?
information rights and obligations
FIP principles are based on the notion of the:
mutuality of interest between the reord holder and the individual
intellectual property can best be described as:
intangible property created by individuals or corporations
______ can be induced by tens of thousands of repetitions under low-impact loads
the strength of patent protection is that is:
grants a monopoly on underlying concepts and ideas
it is not feasible for companies to produce error-free software because:
it is too expensive to create perfect software
the introduction of new information technology has a:
ripple effect raising new ethical, social, and political issues