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The ruling authority of China's ancient dynasties was based on the---Mandate of Heaven• Warfare between alliances led by Athens and Sparta • Lasted nearly 30 years • Ended the Golden Age of Pericles ^^^^which event is described in the list?The Peloponnesian WarAn Athenian citizen does not put private affairs before affairs of the state; even our merchants and businessmen know something about politics. We alone believe that a man who takes no interest in public affairs is more than harmless; he is useless. - Pericles, Funeral Oration In this quotation, Pericles describes Athenian society as valuingCivic responsibilityHippocrates made important contributions in the are of---MedicineWhich characteristic is associated with both the Roman and the Greek cultures?Polytheistic religionWhere is the Pantheon locatedItalyskipskipConstantine brought a significant change to the Roman Empire by —Moving the capitalWhich accomplishment is associated with Alexander the Great?The spread of Greek culture throughout the empire1. Assassination of Julius Caesar 2. Defeat of Marc Anthony 3. Formation of first triumvirate 4. Augustus becomes emperor Which event list places these events in the correct chronological order3,1,2,4Which civilization had pillarsGreekDid the Eastern church use greek language in liturgy?yesWhich empire was best known for libraries that preserved ancient Greek and Roman knowledgeByzantineThe battle of tours was significant because it marked theEnd of muslim expansion into Western EuropeThe Dome of the Rock is an example of which civilization's achievements in art and architecture?IslamicThe practice of Orthodox Christianity in Russia was primarily the result of contact with the —Byzantine empireWhich religion encourages its followers to make a pilgrimage to Mecca?IslamWhich factor strengthened both the Byzantine Empire and the empire of Charlemagne?Unity between politics and religionWhat was one impact of Ali, the fourth caliph, or successor of Muhammad dies?A permanent split occured within the religionOne of the main accomplishments of Justinian was —Reconquering territory that had once belonged to the Roman EmpireThe Limpopo and Zambezi RIvers were boundaries for this empire ofZImbabweWhich religion belongs in JapanShintoismWHat does Japan look likea island spread out with the point facing westWhere is the location of the African Kingdom that adopted Christianitybe the red sea1. Produced potatoes as a main crop 2. Believed in only one deity 4. Constructed pyramids 3. Located in rainforest Which characteristic was shared by the Aztec and Mayan cicilizationsConstructed Pyramids1. Ferdinand and Isabella unify the nation 2. Charles V expands empire in the Western Hemisphere 3. Finance exploration by Christopher Columbus These events occurred in the Nation-state ofSpain[Y]ou must apply the strength of your righteousness to another matter which concerns you as well as God. For your brethren who live in the east are in urgent need of your help, and you must hasten to give them the aid which has often been promised them. — Pope Urban, 1095 This speech helped to stat theFirst crusadeThe first European universities were based on the scholarly contriubutions of ---monasteriesThe magna Carts was important because itLimited the power of the kingHow did the black death spread?East Asia- EuropeWhich movement had the greatest influence on the Renaissance?Humanism-Began as a band of nomadic warriors -Travelled great distances on horseback - Conquered China - Conquered Russia WHich empire is described by these characteristics?Mongol EmpireWhich phrase completes this diagram Movable-type printing press | ? | \/ rapid spread of ideasMongol empireDuring the Paleolithic Era, how did most early humans acquire food?By following animal migrationsWhere do archaeologists beleive huans first appeared?in AfricaskiipSKIPEarly Hellenic culture spread from Greece to Asia Minor as a result of —sea tradeskkkkkkipksipskiojThe vikings who invaded Europe in the Middle Ages were from---scandinaviaWhich factor was most important about the site of ConstantinoplePeninsula for easily constructed defensesIn the 14th and 15th centuries, most goods arrived in the northern Europe from Constantinople after crossing the---Black SeaMachu picchu is located in which type of geographic region?MountainsWhich characteristic was most common in ancient river valley civilizationsMountainsMonarchy -> Aristocracy -> tyranny -> democracy This sequence describes the development of government in ancient --AthensProsperity of the Pax RomanaSignificant growth of trade, completion of vast road network, adoption of uniform currencyWhich change was a result of the rise of the feudal system?Local lords had most political powerIn The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli explained why it is necessary for leaders to have —absolute power____?____ in the Roman Republic - Assemblies - The Senate - Consuls What best replaces the question mark?representative govermentDuring the Neolithic Era, which change first resulted in the creation of settled communitesdevelopment of agricultureWhich factor had the greatest affect on the movements of early nomadic societiesSurvival needsTHe defining characteristic of polytheistic religions is the idea that--there are many gods and goddesses in existenceWhich empire was associated with the Indus river system?Gupta empireThe vedas and the Upanishads are sacred writings ofHinduismAccording to the Mandate of Heaven, a chinese emperor could ramin in power as land as hegoverned as a just rulerYOu only lose what you cling to - Siddharth Gautama The quotation best represents the relgious views of--BuddhistsLiving in harmony with nature is an important part of chinese culture primarily because ofTaoismWe are called a democracy, for administration is in the hands of many and not of the few.PericlesWhich god kept the same name when adopted form the Greek mythology by the Romans?ApolloWhat was the purpose of the aqueducts?To carry waterEmperor Constantine influenced the traditions of Western civilization by--legalizing Christianity within the Roman EmpireWHicch was an obstacle to early Rome's control of the Mediterranean region?CarthageHow did Rome's military conquests affect the economic and social structures of the Roman Republic?Slavery became important to Rome's agricultural production- Beleif in Monotheism - Jesus as the Son and incarnation of God These statements describe characteristics of the earlyChristiansWhich group spread arabicIslamic tradersWhich characteristc describes the early catholic churchHeaded by the PopeWhich art form is most associated with the Byzantine cultureMozaicsWhich insitution in Western Europe had the most power during the middle ages?The ChurchTh cause of the split in Islam after Muhammad's death was a difference of opinion concerningleadersWhich characteristic describes the earlist followers of IslamLived on the Arabian PeninsulaWhich civilization most influenced candy-like buildingsByzantineWhose codification of Roman law has strongly influenced European laws todayJustinianWhich beleif is associated with ShintoismPople must respect nature spiritsWhich event helped to spread Islam in AfricaEstablishment of trade with TimbuktuThe empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai benegited from being near thetrans-saharan trade routesDeclining population of Asia-> declining of Europe -> Disruption of trade routesBubonic plagueWHich city served as the capital of three empires at different times and under different names?ConstantinopleThe Mayan and aztec civilizations advanced the development ofcalendarsTHe CHaldeans (saladin and his army) fought the battle fierfely for a few days and triumphed. The Christians were failing so by this time that scarcely twenty of thirty men appeared to defend the city walls - 1187 This quotation describes the--qCollapse of Western control of JerusalemDuring hte middle ages, many greek and ROman classics were preserved because they had been translated into --ArabicMajor classical authors - Cicero - Homer -Ovid - Sophicles - virgilHUmanistsThe moveable-type printing press helped Renaissanc by --Expanding the distribution of new ideasWhich statement best explains the migration of early humans?People searched for new sources of food.Emperor COnstantine chose hte location for a new capital partly for its distance from--Germanic invadersThe lack of arable land in Greece contributed to an economic system based on ---Shipping and tradeWhere did the fist Roman civilization developmiddle italyWhich primary factor encouraged Greek city-states to develop different identities?GeographyMany Incan cities were easily defended because they were built--on mountaintopesWhich regions were connected by the Silk RoadsEast Asia and Mediterranean basinWhich phrase best describes the geographic location of the Mayan civilization?Rainforests in Central AmericaThe early river valley civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia developed governments that were ruled by---Religious authoritiesMandy, 17, September. Steered west sailed, day and night, ... The pilots took the sun's amplitude (direcction), and found that the needles varied to the northwest a whole point of the compass According to the quote by Christopher Columbus relied on technolofy made inChinaOne characteristic of the Pax Romana was widespread-Economic prosperityAncient Athens was responsible for developing which concept in governmentDirect democracy