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BUA370 Final

Marketing Ch.'s 12 and 19
For many professionals offering intangible services, an ethical marketing dilemma exists. The dilemma centers on
how to balance the need to gain clients while retaining an image of professionalism and integrity
Standards Gap
When the management or owners of a service establishment have a different idea than the customers do about the expectations and service standards,
Delivery Gap
Occurs when a service offered is not met as advertised by the staff or company
Assurance (one of 5 service quality dimensions)
a positive declaration intended to give confidence
Tangibles (one of 5 service quality dimensions)
the physical evidence of a service, including the physical facilities, tools, and equipment used to provide the service
Responsiveness (one of 5 service quality dimensions)
state of reacting readily to appeals, orders, etc.
Important service quality dimension
Talking directly with customers
When confronted with an angry and emotional customer, the best first step toward service recovery is to
listen carefully and with empathy until the customer feels he or she has been heard
any intangible offering that involves a deed, performance, or effort that cannot be physically possessed
Services account for
An increasing share of jobs ex. U. S.
Household maintenance activities
Food preparation, lawn maintenance, and house cleaning services
Services an aging population will increase demand for:
Medical services, assisted living care, and active senior travel
Market research
provides a means to better understand consumers' service expectations and their perceptions of service quality
Systematic Voice-of-customer program:
collects customer inputs and integrates them into managerial decisions
Service Standards
Training service providers to know exactly what a "good job" entails
"Service with a smile"
Service needs to be pleasant even if the customer is not
Effective service recovery entails all of the following EXCEPT
Estimating the damage
Personal selling can take place in all of the following situations EXCEPT
Through the newspaper
Taylor loves the lifestyle associated with being a salesperson. She particularly values the _________________ associated with creating her own schedule
Judson likes analyzing problems, and prefers a structured work environment with a secure income stream. Judson should pursue a career in:
Something other than sales
Advantage of Personal Selling over other types of Marketing Communications
salespeople can customize their message for a specific buyer
Another advantage of personal selling over other types of marketing communications
It can be directed toward those customers with the highest potential
Disadvantage of personal selling
It is expensive
Construct Customer Database
First action taken when attempting to create stronger customer relationships
Customer Relationship Management System
Information about customers' preferences, past-purchases, contact information, and biographical data
Rodney was a very effective sales representative who combined the technology inherent in his CRM system with a high-touch approach where he _________________
Frequently called clients and prospects to share news with them while not always trying to sell something
As marketing manager for a start-up business software company, Katrina is deciding whether to hire a company sales force. The bottom line influencing Katrina's decision will be:
Is a sales force worth more than it costs
Sales Force
the division of a business that is responsible for selling products or services
Personal selling adds value to customers by all of the following EXCEPT
Reducing marketing costs to the seller
Consumers often ask workers in supermarkets where something is located only to learn the worker is a vendor stacking and straightening their company's products on the store shelves. These manufacturers' sales representatives benefit retailers by _________________
Saving them time and money
Whether or not a salesperson will go through all five steps of the selling process depends on the sales situation and:
The buyers' readiness to purchase
When Patrick begins the selling process for new customers who are not familiar with his company's commercial coffee service, he assumes he will need to:
Go through all 5 steps of the selling process
Which of the following would NOT be appropriate in the Personal Selling Process?
Closing the sale is the final- and most satisfying- part of the process
Bridgette went to The Gap ready to buy a new blouse, but not sure which color or style she wanted. The sales representative, sensing Bridgette's buying mode, began with the _________________ stage of the selling process.
Sales Presentation
Sales Presentation
a formal meeting in which the salesperson presents a sales proposal to a prospective buyer
Monica works as a salesperson in a retail clothing store. Of the five stages in the selling process, Monica is least likely to engage in
Generate and Qualify Leads
Veronica took over the sales territory managed by a very successful salesperson. Veronica should use __________________ as a first source of leads
Current Customers
Galena is a new agent for a financial services company. She decides to join the local chamber of commerce, association of business women, and United Way organization. Galena is attempting to use _______________ to generate leads
A way of making and using contacts to get job information and advice
Trade shows are a particularly good source of B2B sales leads because
people who attend are interested in the products and services being offered
business-to-business e-commerce; most widely used applications: e-banking, stock trading
When realtors meet with new customers, they frequently offer to estimate how much mortgage lenders will be willing to lend the customer. In the process, realtors assess buyers'
Ability to purchase houses in different price ranges
One of the reasons why B2B salespeople spend considerable time qualifying potential customers is:
the cost of preparing and making a presentation to most business customers
Preapproach Stage
The stage that occurs prior to meeting the customer for the first time and extends the qualification of leads procedure
Before approaching a potentially major B2B customer, a salesperson will likely
try to find out everything possible about the customer and their needs
During the preapproach stage, a salesperson usually conducts additional research about prospects and:
Develops plans for meeting with the customer
Kathleen has found out everything she can about the new qualified leads. She has practiced making her presentation to the customers and determined what goals she has for the first meeting. Kathleen has finished the ________________ stage of the selling process
Boris tells a colleague all about a major prospect Boris plans to call on in the next few days and asks the colleague to pretend to be a customer while he makes his sales presentation. Boris and his colleague are engaged in:
Role Playing
The First Goal of a Sales Presentation:
Create Interest
The beginning of the sales presentation may be the most important part of the selling process, because this is where the salesperson establishes:
Where the customer is in the buying process
Naren knows he needs to ask a series of questions early in his sales presentation, but he also knows he:
Needs to listen carefully to answers
Often, inexperienced salespeople mistakenly believe that during the sales call, they should:
Do all the talking
Asking questions and listening closely to customers' replies, allows salespeople to:
Create value by solving problems or addressing specific needs
Kyle is preparing for an important sales presentation. He knows that customers are more likely to _______________________ during his presentation than during other stages of the selling process
Raise Objections
Evelyn knows prospective customers are likely to raise reservations about price and quality. She knows she needs to convince customers that her products represent:
A good value
Often the best way to handle customers' reservations is to relax, listen, and:
Ask questions to clarify any reservations
Mary Ann is a commission advertising sales representative. She knows that if she does not successfully _____________, she will go away empty handed.
Close the sale
For salespeople working on straight commissions, closing the sale can be an extremely stressful point in the selling process because, if they do not close the sale:
They generate no income
For salespeople who practice ____________________, an unsuccessful close one day may lay the groundwork for a successful close during the next meeting.
Relationship Selling
The ______________ stage of the selling process offers a prime opportunity for salespeople to solidify customer relationships through great service quality.
Follow Up
Follow Up Stage
Sales-People Reestablishing Connections
For salespeople, ________________ provide a major contact point with customers in the follow-up stage of the selling process, and an opportunity to build and improve relationships.
PDAs, cell phones and the Internet give salespeople the ability to ___________________ at almost any time or place.
Reach out, gather information, advertise, ect.
Willy is an old-school salesman. He keeps all his information about customers, competitors, and products in his personal selling diary. Willy's reluctance to use sales support technology could hurt:
His credibility, effectiveness, ect.
Internet technology allows customers to directly order and check order status online, allowing salespeople to:
Focus more time on creative and technical aspects of their jobs
While the Internet offers new options and opportunities, in the end electronic communication between a retailer and a customer must be effective and ________________.
Add value to the Shopping Experience
Sales representatives are often compensated, at least in part, on a percentage of the sales revenue. This percentage is known as a _______________________.
While ethical and legal issues are associated with all aspects of marketing, personal selling presents unique issues because:
Sales people interact directly with customers
Federal equal employment opportunity laws make it unlawful for sales managers to discriminate against a person in either hiring or promotion because of any of the following EXCEPT:
Sales Management:
Involves the planning, direction and control of personal selling activities, including recruitment, selection, training, motivation, compensation and evaluation of members of the sales force.
Most beverage distributors have their delivery people act as the firm's sales representatives. The delivery people primarily function as:
Order takers
Sue spent much of her time checking inventories, processing straight rebuys, setting up displays and making sure everything is going smoothly. Sue was primarily a(n) _________________.
Order Taker
By a margin of seven to one in a survey of sales and marketing executives, respondents believe:
Training and Supervision are most important determinants of selling success.
Which of the following is NOT considered as one of the significant financial rewards for sales representatives?
Days off of work
Sales, profits, orders and ratios are all _____________ measures that can be used to evaluate sales representatives.
Salespeople should be evaluated and rewarded for those activities and outcomes that:
Fall under their control