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Write the Fraction amount in terms of dollars.

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Rahderius finished 5/6 of his homework. Minnie finished 3/4 of her homework, and Hayden finished 10/12 of his homework. Which two students finished the same amount of homework?Rahderius and Hayden finished the same amount of work because their fractions are equivalent.Sierra's vegetable garden is divided into 6 equal sections. She plants carrots in 4 of the sections. Is the fraction 10/18 equivalent to the amount of carrots Sierra planted in her garden?No, because the denominators have a relationship of "x 3", but it will not work with the numerators.Mr. Parker has trays of paints for students in his art class. 1 out of 5 students has a tray with purple paint. What fraction of trays would be purple for 30 students?6/30A recipe uses 2/3 cup of flour and 3/8 cup of blueberries. Is there more flour or more blueberries in the recipe?There is more flour in the recipe.