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To what does Byron compare the woman's beauty?


What word in the poem refers to the woman's appearance?


What does the reader find so beautiful about the woman?

her dark hair

What is the interaction between the speaker and the woman?

he watches her as she passes

What does the speaker think the woman's beauty reflects?

inner beauty

What does the speaker mean in lines 5-6?

woman is most beautiful in the moonlight

What is meant by lines 7-9?

womans hair has the right combination of dark and light

How does the speaker confirm his opinion of the woman?

no evidence

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?

Ababab cdcdcd efefef

What is the structure of the poem?

3 six line stanzas

What is a simile?

comparison using like or as

Find a simile in this poem.

line 1. she walks in beauty like the night

To what does the speaker compare the woman?

clear, starry night

What is an extended metaphor? Give an example of one.

a simile that is extended throughout the poem

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