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the substances at the beginning of the equation (reactants or products)


the new substances formed after the chemical reaction

"yields" or "gives"

the word that the arrow stands for


this law says that during a chemical reaction, matter is not created or destroyed (law of conservation of ______)

open system

a system where matter can enter or escape from the surroundings (open or closed)

closed system

a system where matter is not allowed to enter or leave


a reaction that makes a more complex substance (synthesis or decomposition)


a reaction that breaks down compounds (synthesis or decomposition)


Is a reaction in a regular test tube an open system or a closed system?


Is a reaction in a sealed glass jar an open system or a closed system?


If you could weigh all of the smoke and ash from a fire, would it weigh the same as the original wood?

sodium and chlorine

If sodium + chlorine "yields" sodium chloride, what are the 2 reactants?

sodium chloride

If sodium + chlorine "yields" sodium chloride, what is the 1product?

open system

Is a fire burning in an outdoor wood fireplace an open or a closed sytsem?

closed system

Is a piece of fruit rotting in a sealed bag an open or a closed system?

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