12 terms

Physics Semester Test

Whenever an object exerts a force on another object, the second object exerts a force of the same magnitude, but in the opposite direction to that of the first object.
a. Sometimes true
b. Always true - Correct
c. Always false
A high school student hits a nail with a hammer. During the collision, there is a force
a. on the nail but not on the hammer.
b.on the nail and also on the hammer. - Correct
c. on the hammer but not on the nail.
Forces always occur
a. as single quantities
b. by themselves
c. in pairs - Correct
d. in triplets
An archer shoots an arrow. Consider the action force to be the bowstring against the arrow. The reaction to this force is the
a. arrow's push against the bowstring - Correct
b. weight of the arrow
c. friction of the ground against the archer's feet.
d. air resistance against the bow
e. grip of the archer's hand on the bow
As a ball falls, the action force is the pull of Earth's mass on the ball. What is the reaction to this force?
a. The pull of the ball's mass on Earth - Correct
b. The acceleration of the ball
c. Nonexistent in this case
d. Air resistance acting against the ball
e. none of the above
A person is attracted towards the center of the Earth by a 440-N gravitational force. The force with which Earth is attracted toward the person is
a. 440 N - Correct
b. very very small
c. very very large
An unfortunate bug splatters against the windshield of a moving car. Compared to the force of the car on the bug, the force of the bug on the car is
a. larger
b. the same - Correct
c. smaller
d. Need more info to say
An unfortunate bug splatters against the windshield of a moving car. Compared to the deceleration of the car, the deceleration of the bug is
a. larger - Correct
b. the same
c. smaller
If a horse pulls on a wagon at rest, the wagon pulls back equally on the horse. Can the wagon be set into motion?
a. Yes, because there is a net force acting on the wagon - Correct
b. Yes, because there is a time delay between action and reaction.
c. No, because the force's cancel each other.
d. Yes, because the horse's pull on the wagon is larger than the wagon's pull on the horse.
A large truck and a small car traveling at the same speed have a head-on collision. The vehicle to undergo the greater change in velocity will be
a. the small car - Correct
b. the large truck
c. neither - both are the same
A rocket is able to accelerate in the vacuum of space when it fires its engines. The force that propels the rocket is the force
a. of the rocket on the exhaust gases
b. of the exhaust gases on the rocket - Correct
c. neither A nor B
A karate chop delivers a blow of 2300 N to a board that breaks. The force that acts on the hand during this feat
a. is less than 2300 N.
b. is 2300 N - Correct
c. is more than 2300 N
d. cannot be determined