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Revolves around the "individual"


Revolves around the "group"


-Abstract patterns of/and for how to live and die
-Can be learned directly or indirectly

Direct Learning

From parents and formal education

Indirect Learning

Comes for our cultural environments by observing them.

A major carrier of culture



A social behavior as dictated by the traditions of the people of that culture.


-A must-behavior
-Individual MUST ABSTAIN from certain acts.


-Morly binding must-behavior
-If violated one will get a strong reaction from society.


-Must-behaviors enforced by those governing


-Behaviors constructed of somewhat less construed as somewhat less compulsive than mores of the same society.


Thinking that ones culture is better than al;l others.

cultural realism

Emotional idea that all cultures are equal.

Funeral rite

-All inclusive term that encompasses funeral and/or memorial service.
-A cultural universal


Body is present


No body [ashes don't count as a body]


-Action dealing with death
-May or May Not be symbolically charged


Things to which a socially created meaning is given.

Cultural universal responses to death

-Announcement of death
-Care for the dead
-Method of disposition
-Finding was to memorialize the dead
-Some type of ceremony or ritual

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