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Indication and Contraindications For ALL Physical Agents

Indication for Thermal Diathermy
Pain,Spasm, Chronic conditions of tendon, ligament, muscle
increase collagen extensibility prior to stretching
Precaution for Ultrasound
acute inflammation
epiphyseal plates
brest implants
Indication for E-Stim
Retarding/preventing disuse atrophy
mainting ROM
Re-educating muscle
relaxation of muscle spasm
increase local blood supply
Contraindications for Postural Drainage
CHF, pulmonary edema, pleural effusion, pneumothorax, cardiac arrythmia, unstable angina, recent MI, pulmonary embolus, hemoptysis
Precautions for Heat
Acute inury, pregnancy, impaired circulation, edema, cardiac insufficiency, metal in area
Indication for Spinal Traction
Spinal nerve root impingement, spinal root swelling, spondylolisthesis, joint hypomobility, DJD, extrinsic muscle guarding, herniated disc
Indication for Cryotherapy
inflammation, edema, pain, modification of spatiscity, symptom management of M.S.
Contraindication for Spinal Traction
Spinal infection, osteoporosis, malgnancy, evidence of cord pressure, pregnancy, RA, spinal insability
Contraindication for Heat
Recent or potential hemmorhage- Fainting
Thrombophlebitis- Bleeding
Impaired mentation/sensation
malignant tumor
IR irradiation of the eyes
Contraindication for US
Malignancy, tuberculosis, Psoriasis, Radiation, pregnancy DVT, thrombophlebitis, osteoporosis, Fracture, Pacemaker
Contraindication for all forms of diathermy
metal implants, pacemaker, malignancy, pregnancy, eyes, testes, growing epiphyses, implanted/transutaneous neural stimulators
Indication for US
soft tissue shortening, pain, dermal ulcers, surgical skin incision, resorption of calcium deposits, bone fractures, carpal tunnel, phonophoresis, tendon injuries
Precautions for ALL diathermy
presence of electronic eqiupment or magnetic
copper-bearing intrauterine contraceptive devices
Indication for Restraints
disoriented/confused behavior
self abusive,
decreased level of consciousness
Contraindication for Lymphedema Tx
acute infection (anitbotic 2-4 days prior to tx)
active CA
presence of CHF
Contraindication for E-stim
demand type pacemakers,
transcerebal electrode placement
areas of venous/arterial thrombosis
Precaution for E-stim
cardiac disease
impaired mentation/sensation
malignant tumor
skin irritation/open wounds
iontophoresis after other physical agents
Indication for Chest Physical Therapy
acute/chronic respiratory conditions
inability to expel secretions
ineffective cough
Contraindication for percussion
over fracture
over osteoperotic bone
unstable angina
anticoagulation therapy
pulmonary embolus
Indication for Nonthermal diathermy
control pain
wound/nerve/bone healing
Precaution for Ultraviolet
photosensitizing drugs
photosensitive patients
recent exposure to x-ray
Contraindication for Ultraviolet
irradiationto eyes
presence of skin CA
cardiac/kidney/liver disease
systemic lupus
pulmonary tuberculosis
Indication for Ultraviolet
Wound healing
Precaution for Full Body Immersion
impaired mentation, after ingestion of alocohol, fear of water, patients on cardiovascular meds, repiratory problems, pregnancy, MS, poor thermal regulation
Contraindication for Full Body Immersion
cardiac instability, infectious condition, bowel/bladder incontinence, severe epilepsy, suicidal patient
Indication for Cardiac Rehabilitation
medically stable after: MI, Angina, CABG, cardiac surgery, heart transplant
Indication for External compression
prevent DVT
Venous statis ulcer
Residul shaping
Contraindication for External Compresison
Heart failure, acute DVT, thrombophlebitis, obstructed lymphatic/venous return, ulcers, acute local skin infection, significant hypoproteinemia, acute fracture/trauma
Precaution for External Compression
impaired sensation/mentation, uncontrolled hypertension, cancer, stroke, significant vascular insufficiency, superficial peripheral nerves
Contraindication for Nonthermal Diathermy
Deep tissues, pacemaker, electronic device, metal implants,
Contraindication for Cryotherapy
cold hypersensitivity, cold intolerance, cryoglobylinemia, raynaud's disease, circulatory compromise, peripheral vascular disease