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feels like an outcast.
wants to fit in (values his social life ; materialistic).
tries too hard (to be liked/fit in) - shows insecurity/low self-esteem.
wants brianna as a "trophy".
family is unconnected; feels like he cant talk to them; feels very alone - attempted to kill himself (closed eyes while driving).
steph. & alexandra
are foils (opposites) -- steph's mind = logical; scientific, alex.'s mind = fanciful; imaginitive.
they dream, & plan perfect lives by the whirligig.
lea rosalia santos zamora (aka lea)
18yrs old.
senior; honor student; member of student council, orchestra, track team, Filipino community.
volunteers at ressurection hospital.
black hair; almost asian eyes; smiley; lookes hawiian.
"people stopped at smiled at lea's whiriligig, just like they smiled at her." (pg 44)
brent before the accident
socially ackward; feels like an outcast; doesn't trust anyone; sensitive to when brianna blew up on him.
brent after the accident
parents whisper about personality change; feels like an outcast; looks differently at everything he used to take advantage of (curious & interested in learning).
the street sweeper - miami, fla
short sentences throughout - shows english is not his first language.
speaks against war - talks about peace.
been through many arguments.
unhappy about moving from porta rico to miami, fla.
hard time fiting into school - was moved to "special" school - sad.
got a job at a restaurant - happy- feels at home.
married girl at restaurant - tone = happy.
- realized from marching band whiriligig that you cant survive alone; need eachother.
group of people linked together w/o knowing it.
cant choose who you're linked with.
will never meet the people you are connected with.
ex's of karass :
alexandra, steph, & brent are connected by whirligig.
previous owner of whirligig book & brent are connected.
lea & brent are connected - he killed her (never met/knew her) had to make whirligigs for her.
brent represents -
ordinary world.
brianna represents -
the party is -
NOT a test, still just him in the ordinary world.
lea represents -
brents plotonic ideal.
lea's mother represents -
the earth mother.
brent compares himself to him - both were atoning for actions.
bren'ts bus pass is good for 45 days (40 days in lent).
ordinary world
brents life before the accident.
call to adventure
mrs zimora offers brent the "whirligig adventure".
refusal of call to adventure
brent doesnt refuse the offer, his parents do.
meeting the mentor
the whirligig book is the montor - guides brent in making the whirligigs.
it is also the secret/magical weapon.
crossing the threshold
the bus that takes brent to his destinations.
tests, allies, & enemies
tests = the 2 men trying to steal his wallet/pack ; making the whirligigs ; learning to play the harmonica.
enemies = 2 men who try to steal his things ; brents parents.
allies = the cyclist ; emil ; the stars ; the hostel.
approach the inmost cave
brent left note for trisha = "i'm so alone"
when brent loses his montor - the whirligig book
the ordeal
brent ~ building the last whirligig (success).
- lea's memorial.
the reward
1st reward : brent finishes his journey (completes all 4 whirligigs).
2nd reward : brent tells the painter his "secret" (about lea).
atonement - purpose of journey.
- mrs. zamora's reason for this punishment = to forgive & find himself.
the road back
no longer an 'outcast' ; rejoined society through the dance.
form a human whirligig -- his rebirth.
return with Elixir
trade in books.
put whirligigs in every state.
reads stars, plays harmonica -- found hobbies.
now he is an interesting, complex person.
dont give up ; the world is a big place.
life has its ups & downs - must adapt.
everyone deserves a second chance.
dont let one wrong doing determine your life.
= a novel of "coming of age".
- "whirligig" was a bildungsroman.
lends him a book.
student taking a "gap year".
- emil & brent = doppleganger (literary twin).
-- look similar, both travel, both have parents that dont "get" them.
when someone seems to be a duplicate of another person, same appearance (for the most part) & same situations
Earth Mother
this archetype acts almost as a mentor to a character, usually "free-spirited", Mrs. Zamora was this archetype
the painter
the woman Brent told his "secret" to, Brent placed one of the whirligigs in her yard, she helped him in the process of forgiving himself
"Brent feels like an outcast in the beginning of the novel & then is one w/ Lea's death. what is the author trying to say about society & priorities?"
you have to accept yourself before anyone else can ; societies priorities are not "good"/"straight", → can lead to disaster/tragedy/being unseccessful/being not well educated
"How would the overall meaning of the novel change if Fleischman had not used the fractured structure?"
w/o the fractured structure, you would not be able to observe the entire impact of the whirligigs on the characters' lives'.
"Brent compares himself to Heracles at one point & there are other mythological allusions throughout the novel. what is similar about Brent & Heracles & what is different?"
they both made bad dicisions & had to atone for them, difference is Brent found himself in the process of his atonement