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Moroccan crisis 1905-6

what happened in morocco 1905-6
in 1905 kaiser promised to support morrocco's independance but this upset the french who wanted to occupy it as a colony. Wilhelm was also testing the strength of Britain and France
what did the algeciras conference decide?
in 1906 germany should have no say in Morrocco, britain and france stood by russia, france agreed not to invade morocco
who allied as a result?
France and Britain allied with Russia in 1907
Why did the crisis happen?
Germany didn't want france to build up their empire, Kaiser was testing britain and france's strength, kaiser wanted to support moroccan's independance
How did this increase tension in europe?
Britain and france joined russia to form the triple entente in 1907, germans thought they were being surrounded and became more resentful, france's alliance with britain was strengthened