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June 6 1944

Date d-day was launched

operation overlord

official name


normandy beach located in

us, british, canadian

troops that landed on normandy beach

air bombardment, paratroopers, naval bombardment, amphibious (landing on beach)

4 parts to d-day operation

sword, juno, gold, omaha and utah

landings took place on these 5 beaches

omaha and utah

america landed on what two beaches

Battle of the Bulge- largest battle us ever faught

by the fall of 1944, the allies were moving east and steadily closer to the German border in France, Belgium, and Holland (the Netherlands).In December of 1944 Hitler mounted a massive yet surprise attack pushing the allies back and creating a large "bulge" on the map

air bombing

what campaign was very effective at this time

german war industry

who/what was struggling at the time

FDR 1944

who won his 4th term and in what year

april 12, 1945

when does FDR die

vp truman

who takes over after fdr dies

many hitler youth and older german men

after the bulge, the german army is pushed back even more quickly into germany and more and more german soldiers are choosing to surrender instead of being killed. who was being drafted to fight


on april 25th, 1945, the US army coming from the west, links up with Soviet soldiers coming from the east. It is decided that the Soviets will be given the honor (and casualties) of capturing the Nazi capital, called what?

Hitler and Ava Brown commit suicide

What does hitler and his mistress do at this time and what was her name?

Victory in Europe

V-E day stands for what

may 8th, 1945

when did v-e day take place

last standing axis power, the Japanese

after V-E day what do the allies focus on

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