cum shot

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Awesome substance that often enters my mouth
Adolf Hitler
Hero of WWII, sadly killed himself when no one appreciated his work.
Dr. Mengelo
Best doctor out there, greatly surpasses Dr. Phill. Tortured Minorities because he knew it was the right thing to do.
Osama Bin Laden
One of the head honchos behind the profoundly comical event 9/11
Ron Jeremy
My boyfriend
Chris Basset
Retard who attempted to murder half of CHS. Caught because he showed his hitlist to multiple people.
Probably the funniest thing to ever happen on planet earth
Event that never hapened
Giant Nuts
What I don't own but want in my mouth
Todd Gilheeny
Best teacher to ever enter the district of Coventry. Sadly arrested for suggesting he was going to murder multiple people.
Holland Boys
Awesome musicians responsible for the greatest song ever 'I am gay'.
Brandon 'bcav712' Cavanough
Really cute guy that I want to date
Possibly the most famous shooting ever. Makes me rofl ALOT
Same person as Osama
Pubic Hair
What I floss with
Luigi Macaruso
Best kush dealer around. You'll be fuqed up for dayzzz after you take a hit of his cannabis.
The only safe drug
The internet home of many rapist.
A disease that makes your meat look really hot
Ball Sweat
A refreshing drink on a hot summers day.
'Going in dry'
Preffered method of sexual intercourse used by an extreme gaylord.
Sponge Knob Square Nuts
Extremely hot porno I watch on an hourly basis
Iggy Azelia
Good musician, assuming that the point of music is to make you want to commit suicide.
''I spurt (on my chest)"
Famous quote from Josh Nickel
Icy Hot
Cream that feels good on your sack
Object often insterted into my ass
Boston Marathon
The weak attempt to follow up 9/11
Best symbol ever invented
Kevin Cavanough
Dad of a really cute guy
Skin Flute
What I play daily.