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"The Lightning War"


to accept demands to avoid a conflict


a Japanese pilot who crashed into his target


discrimination against or hatred toward Jews


A ruler who has complete authority


Headed by a dictator; extreme nationalism

island hopping

a strategy used in WWII that called for attacking key islands and then using them to leapfrog to other islands


deliberate destruction of a racial, political, or social group


Name given to the mass slaughter of Jews in WWII

internment camps

detention centers for Japanese-Americans during WWII


Unresolved resentments from ________ was one of the causes of WWII


The group murdered millions of Jews and others during the Holocaust

Axis Powers

This group of countries consisted of Germany Italy and Japan

Allied Powers

This group of countries consisted of Great Britain, Soviet Union, and the US.


The country that attacked Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

The "date which will live in infamy"

Nuremburg Laws

Laws that restricted what Jews could do

Battle of the Bulge

The last counter offensive made by the Germans


Type of government with a one-party totalitarian state in which the leader uses terror and violence to control and unit the country

Franklin D. Roosevelt

President of the US that was elected to a 4th term


Main cause of WWII: Europe did not embrace ______________


Main cause of WWII: Extreme ____________________


Main cause of WWII: Germany was seeking ________________, not reconciliation


extreme devotion and loyalty to one's country


type of government in the US

Constitutional Monarchy

type of government in Great Britain


type of government in the Soviet Union


type of government in Germany

Military Fascist

type of government in Japan


type of government in Italy

Winston Churchill

leader of Great Britain

Franklin D. Roosevelt

leader of the US for most of WWII

Joseph Stalin

leader of Soviet Union

Adolf Hitler

Leader of Germany

Emperor Hirohito

emperor of Japan in WWII

Benito Mussolini

Leader of Italy in WWII; he founded fascism


These Americans were targeted after the attack on Pearl Harbor - they were seen as a threat and placed in internment camps.


This word describes the United States' stand on war at the beginning of WWII because we wanted to stay away from all the fighting

Iwo Jima

By taking this island in the Pacific, the US had a landing base closer to Japan and did not have to rely on aircraft carriers.

VE Day

Victory in Europe Day

VJ Day

Victory in Japan Day


Name given to the invasion of Normandy. Did not stand for anything, just a military code for attack!

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