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In August of 1914, as war began in Europe, most Americans
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The great migration of 1917 to 1918 referred to the mass movement ofAfrican Americans from the rural south to the urban north and westAs a result of the service of African-American soldiers in World War Iactivism by blacks for their rights increasedWilson's 14 points included all of the following exceptEthnic self-determinationWilson's 14 points received significant political support fromA. The British government B. The US Senate C. The French government D. None of the aboveWilson believe that the Paris peace conference treatyWas a success because of the acceptance of the League of NationsThe influenza pandemic of 1918 was a. global in its impact, killing about 30 million people worldwide. b. caused by a variant of a flu virus that "jumped" to humans fromswine. c. a virus that spread rapidly throughout the soldiers on the front and civilians whose immunities were reduced because of wartime conditions. d. all of the aboved. all of the above