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  1. Asked
  2. Asset Allocation Funds
  3. Advantages of Mutual Funds
  4. Types of bonds
  5. Voting rights
  1. a corporate bonds
    treasury and agency bonds
    municipal bonds
  2. b similar to balanced mutual funds in the mix of securities
    aggressively move money between stocks and bonds
    risky due to the turnover rate and associated transaction costs
  3. c the previous day's mid-afternoon ask price the treasury dealers were willing to sell the issue for.
  4. d diversification
    professional management
    minimal transaction costs
    avoidance of bad brokers
  5. e you have the right to vote; however, this right is normally executed through a proxy

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  1. required length of employment to be eligible to receive company paid pension benefits
  2. take effect upon death
  3. If the company goes broke, you can only lose the amount you invested
  4. pass-through certificates (mortgages)
    issued by government agencies' authorized by congress
    low risk, with interest rates slightly higher than treasury issues
    minimum denomination of $25,000 with maturities from 1-40 years
  5. Blue-Chip stocks
    Growth stocks
    Income stocks
    Speculative stocks
    Cyclical stocks
    Defensive stocks
    Large-caps, mid-caps, and small caps

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  1. putsperson who is responsible for carrying out the provisions of the will


  2. Social Security is paid for with FICAhave 3 types: equity, mortgage, hybrid
    lack liquidity of most mutual funds


  3. Contributory Planboth you and your employer pay toward your retirement


  4. defined contribution plansprofit sharing plans
    money-purchase plans
    thrift and savings plans
    employee stock ownership plan


  5. attestation and witness clausedates and validates the will with a signature before 2 or more witnesses, who also must sign the document


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