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  1. Mid-caps
  2. Ways to avoid probate
  3. beneficiaries
  4. Net Asset Value
  5. Why would a company offer stocks?
  1. a the people who receive
  2. b market value of the assets of the scheme minus its liabilities. Per unit NAV is the net asset value of the scheme divided by the number of units outstanding on the Valuation date.
  3. c Want the capital and revenue from stock purchases
  4. d joint ownership
    naming beneficiaries in contracts
  5. e $1-$5 billion in assets

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  1. cares for minor children and manages their property
  2. provides for someone to act on your behalf in the event you should become mentally or physically incapacitated
    document should be very specific as to which legal powers it transfers
  3. contributions grow tax-deferred until withdrawal
    allows nonworking spouses to make a contribution
    distributions prior to age 59 1/2 are subject to a 10% tax penalty, with few exceptions
  4. Pension expenses are tax deductible to the employer
  5. charge collected by a scheme when it buys back the units from the unit holders

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  1. common disaster clauseidentifies which spouse is assumed to have died first in the event of a simultaneous death


  2. Living Willstates your wishes regarding medical treatment in the event of a terminal illness or injury


  3. Income stocksstock issued by companies whose earnings tend to follow the economy


  4. Purpose of Probate Processthe price at which open-ended schemes repurchase their units and close-ended schemes redeem their units on maturity. Such prices are NAV related


  5. Objectives of Estate Planningemployer contributions are a set percentage of your salary
    contributions are guaranteed
    preferred over profit-sharing plans because of the guaranteed contributions