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  1. Bull Market
  2. Proxy
  3. Roth IRA
  4. vesting period
  5. Basic Organization of a Will
  1. a provides a benefit that isn't available for traditional retirement accounts: if you meet certain requirements, all earnings are tax-free when you or your beneficiary withdraw them
    contributions are not tax deductible
    earnings grow tax free
    withdrawals are tax-free if it is held for 5 years
  2. b when stocks are rising
    people are finding jobs
    GDP is growing
    Most stocks are going up
    do not last forever, especially if stocks become over-valued
  3. c an agreement allowing a designated party to "vote your shares"
  4. d required length of employment to be eligible to receive company paid pension benefits
  5. e introductory statement
    payment of debt and taxes clause
    disposition of property clause
    appointment clause
    common disaster clause
    attestation and witness clause

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  1. classifying stocks based on the size of the firm
  2. employer contributions can vary yearly due to profitability
    contributions can depend on your salary level
    some firms set minimums and maximums
    contributions are not guaranteed
  3. states your wishes regarding medical treatment in the event of a terminal illness or injury
  4. Similar to a defined-contribution Keogh plan, but easier to establish
    used by small business owners with no or few employees
    contributions are tax-deductible and earnings are tax-deferred
  5. stock issued by companies whose sales and earnings growth have outpaced the market
    Often are newly formed, smaller companies

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  1. Real Estate Investment Trustsfixed pool of securities, normally municipal bonds
    are passive investments that operate on a buy-and-hold strategy
    normally require $1,000 minimum investment
    long time horizon recommended


  2. Pension PlanPension expenses are tax deductible to the employer


  3. Bear Marketsales commissions charged to the investor when purchasing fund shares


  4. Limited Liabilitycommissions charged to the investor when selling the shares


  5. Retirement is like a 3-legged stoolmental competence
    under no undue influence from another person
    will must conform to the state laws