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  1. Proxy
  2. Indenture
  3. Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP-IRA)
  4. redemption price
  5. beneficiaries
  1. a the price at which open-ended schemes repurchase their units and close-ended schemes redeem their units on maturity. Such prices are NAV related
  2. b an agreement allowing a designated party to "vote your shares"
  3. c Similar to a defined-contribution Keogh plan, but easier to establish
    used by small business owners with no or few employees
    contributions are tax-deductible and earnings are tax-deferred
  4. d the people who receive
  5. e a document that outlines the terms of the loan agreement

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  1. pass-through certificates (mortgages)
    issued by government agencies' authorized by congress
    low risk, with interest rates slightly higher than treasury issues
    minimum denomination of $25,000 with maturities from 1-40 years
  2. invest in small companies that usually have sales of $10 million or less
  3. employer contributions are a set percentage of your salary
    contributions are guaranteed
    preferred over profit-sharing plans because of the guaranteed contributions
  4. issued by Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)
    Minimum $25,000 certificate for pool of mortgages
    principle and interest repaid monthly
  5. employers match a set percentage of your contribution to your retirement plan
    contributions are normally guaranteed

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  1. repurchase priceprice at which a close-ended scheme repurchases its units and it may include a back-end load. Also called Bid Price


  2. Stock is...the company cuts the stock price and you get more shares, but retain the same total investment


  3. Closed-End Investment Companieshave a limited number of shares
    sell only the initial offering. subsequent trades are done in a secondary market, similar to the common stock market.
    purchase and selling price is determined by supply and demand


  4. vesting periodyou have the right to vote; however, this right is normally executed through a proxy


  5. Balanced mutual fundsgrowth funds
    small-company growth funds
    growth-and-income funds
    sector funds
    index funds
    international funds