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  1. Blue-Chip Stocks
  2. Proxy
  3. Load funds
  4. Basic Organization of a Will
  5. Healthcare Proxy
  1. a stocks issued by large, well-known companies
    solid, safe investments
  2. b an agreement allowing a designated party to "vote your shares"
  3. c sales commissions charged to the investor when purchasing fund shares
  4. d designates someone to make health care decisions should you be unable to do so for yourself
  5. e introductory statement
    payment of debt and taxes clause
    disposition of property clause
    appointment clause
    common disaster clause
    attestation and witness clause

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  1. provides a benefit that isn't available for traditional retirement accounts: if you meet certain requirements, all earnings are tax-free when you or your beneficiary withdraw them
    contributions are not tax deductible
    earnings grow tax free
    withdrawals are tax-free if it is held for 5 years
  2. approaches par/face value
  3. when stocks are rising
    people are finding jobs
    GDP is growing
    Most stocks are going up
    do not last forever, especially if stocks become over-valued
  4. Traditional IRA
    Roth IRA
    Education IRA
  5. lack of portability
    company changes in the plan with little notice
    few plans adjust benefits for inflation
    some are unfunded plans that lack safety

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  1. Treasury billsmature in 3, 6, or 12 months


  2. Why invest in mutual funds?growth funds
    small-company growth funds
    growth-and-income funds
    sector funds
    index funds
    international funds


  3. guardiancares for minor children and manages their property


  4. Ways to avoid probatejoint ownership
    naming beneficiaries in contracts


  5. employee stock ownership planwhere a company "splits off" sections of itself as a separate business