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  1. Limited Liability
  2. Proxy
  3. Mortgage REITs
  4. Mutual Fund Special Services
  5. current yield
  1. a Auto Investment and withdrawal plans
    auto reinvestment plans
    regular income
    phone/internet switching privileges
    check writing privileges
  2. b buy mortgages
    investors only receive interest payments on the mortgages
    advantage: consistent income
  3. c ratio of annual interest payments to the bond's market price
  4. d an agreement allowing a designated party to "vote your shares"
  5. e If the company goes broke, you can only lose the amount you invested

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  1. identifies which spouse is assumed to have died first in the event of a simultaneous death
  2. Tracks 30 blue-chip stocks
    Indicators of certain markets: housing, construction, spending leisure cash
  3. identifies the owner of the will and revokes all previous copies of the will
  4. $100 million - $1 billion in assets; High volatility, higher returns
  5. indicates the percentage of the face value that will be paid annually to the holder in the form of interest

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  1. agency bondscorporate bonds
    treasury and agency bonds
    municipal bonds


  2. Mid-caps$1-$5 billion in assets


  3. 401K Planspart of a family of retirement plans known as defined contribution plans.


  4. testamentarytake effect upon death


  5. Advantages of Mutual Fundstry to balance objectives of long-term growth, income, and stability of the capital invested.
    invest in common stock, preferred stock, and bonds
    less volatile than stock funds