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If Congress and the Senate passed a bill that is similar to what happens next?
It becomes a law and it is enforced by the government
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What is the military's duty?defending the congressVoter turnout ratehas increased since the 1950sresponsibility of a citizenvolunteerWhat happens when a president vetos a bill?it can be overridden by 2/3 vote in the senate and HOR, if this occurs the bill becomes law over the presidentpocket vetooccurs when Congress adjourns during the ten day period. The President cannot return the bill to congressWho is in charge of marriage?the stateWhat are the requirements to be president?35 years old, lived in USA for 14 years, born a US citizenWhat are the principles discussed in the US Constitution?popular sovereignty, checks and balances, federalismWho can impeach the president?senate/legislative branchDemocratic Governmentregulate the economy to ensure financial stabilityWho founded the first political party?Jefferson and HamiltonWho was associated with theFederalist political party?Alexander HamiltonNational RoadWas funded by the federal government in 1811 for western expansionOriginal voting age21social security is an example ofdirect assistancethe speaker of the house is thepreceding officer in the HORWho founded the colony of Rhode Island?Roger WilliamsHenry Fordcreated the assembly line-decreased labor and costspatriot actbombing of the twin towersWhat event leg to the distrust of politicians?Watergate- Richard NixonWhat was the first satellite launched into space?Sputnik by the Soviet Union JFK was PresidentEli WhitneyInvented the cotton ginPresident Rooseveltrelations to the environment and created national parksinfamypearl harborWho founded New York?the DutchWhat was the purpose of Lyndon Johnsons speech in Selma AL?to eliminate poverty and social injustice -voting rightsWhich territory is known as the "breadbasket"MidwestGreat migrationAfrican Americans moved North for homes, better jobs, and lifeJohn SalkDeveloped polio vaccineWhat was the start of WW2?Germany invading PolandNat Turnerled the only effective slave rebellionJoseph StalinSoviet leader after WW2Why was Maryland founded?Religious freedom for English CatholicsWhy did FDR and Ronald Raegan use deficit spending?to help stimulate a weak economyMonroe Doctrine"No European power should seek colonies in the Western Hemisphere""Go west young man"Manifest DestinyWho settled Pennsylvania during the colonial period?GermansWho did not attend the continental congress?Rhode IslandHow were suburban areas increased?Through interstate highwaysTreaty of Parispaved the way to expand westwardErie Canalwas built for Navigation from New York to the AtlanticWho wrote the Federalist Papers about checks and balances?James MadisonGreece is most known for what?Olympic Games and created democracyRwandawhere conflict between the majority Hutus and minority Tutsis led to a 100-day genocide in modern-day Nigeria.Cultural Anthropologythe study of human societies and their development and physical linguisticsWhy did Egypt make paper?so the Chinese could write about the olympic gamesWho invented printing?ChineseWho invented the alphabet?the greektallest mountainMount Everestlargest mountainHimalayasUral MountainsBetween Europe and Asiaabsolute locationlatitude and longitudeLatitudeNorth and south (90 degrees); BrazilLongitudePrime Meridian, East and west, (0-180 degrees); Spainembassyethnic enclaveChristians and MuslimsmeccaDeforestation causessoil depletionThe sun never setsBritish Empire bc daylight all the timeWhat can someone expect to encounter in Greenland in the summer time?sleet/snowWhere are the Atlas Mountains?North AfricaWhat was the first written language?Sumeriandeltalowlands fertile, crop growingWhat do volcanos create?barrier reefsRosetta stoneAncient Egyptian writing system; hieroglyphicsHurricanes in Floridaprices hit due to scarcity; hit orange trees and affected Florida's ability to sell as many oranges; price change due to scarcityFlorida had more population in the 2000s due toAir conditioningWhat is the caste system?determined by birthexample of assimilationa child changing their accent so people dont know she is foreignWhere is the perceptual region?southWhere is the pyramid of Giza?Egyptsilent springabout the environmentWhat is harming the environment?pesticidesBessemer Processmaking steel by forcing compressed air through molten iron to burn out the excessive carbon impurities which greatly improved the strength and quality of ironWhen would a drip irrigation be used?in a droughtWhat is a renewable resource?woodEquatorBrazil; latitudePrime MeridianSpain; longitudeindigenousnot native to landMetricalwomen leadingPatriarchialmale leadingWhat connected the Great Lakes to the Mississippi?Illinoisans Michigan CanalThe eruption of Mt. Helen causedash in the roadsHawaiians and SomoansPolynesian ethnicityshortage of water in the west landsshortage of water from the Red Sea, the gov, was trying to create more production. If there is a shortage of water its mostly likely due to some sort of power because we use water to power our systems like gristmillRoads and archesRoman civilizationWho invented aqueducts?RomansMonsoons inBangladeshinfracturesbuildings, schools, hospitalsAmazon Basincattle ranching causing deforestation; loss of habitatSahelSouth africaMachu PicchuPeruSoviet Union is located inHungary3 China Damshuman man madeWhat state is directly affected by Mississippi flooding?LouisianaWhere is the channel tunnel?England and FranceAssimilationprocess of taking in and fully understanding information or ideasTerrace farmingfarming on mountains side, use less water; created by the Incas; reduces soil erosion and water lossWhat is the effect of the Gulf Stream?the climate in Western Hemisphere is significantly warmer and milder than it otherwise would beRussian people's interest in wearing American blue jean is an example ofculture diffusion (spread of culture items)topographic mapnatural and man made features, elevation and contour linesthe pacific oceans covers1/3 of the earthThe Panama Canal connectsAtlantic and Pacific Oceangreececity statesStraitA narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of waterWorlds largest riverNile RiverBest growing conditions for cotton productionsouth eastThe alps are onmount blancExample of barterif a girl offers to babysit for a family in exchange for foodLocation of the ring of firePacific OceanMongolnomads and hunters/gathers; rode horses and others did not use animalsdifference between Aztecs and the SpanishPolythesistic ReligionCardinal directionsNorth, South, East, Westordinal directionsNE, NW, SE, SWWhere is the Tropic of Cancer located?23.5 degrees north of the equator (India)"How the other half lives"difference between classes in the upper/middle New YorkWhat state is more egalitarian than New York?VirginaLast country to gain freedom from Britain?IndiaThe Great Wall of China was built to?protect from invadersOpen Door Policyallows for a system of trade in China open to all countries equally- set into motion the economic transformation of modern Chinalast country to become independentChinaTriangular tradeAfrica, North America, and EuropeMagna Cartaconsidered most important in limiting the power of the kings and influencing the development of democracyLast country to gain independence from Europe?SwitzerlandEuropeans and Native Americans bonded throughtradeSedan HuessinIraqRoman and Hans empire were driven bytrade in luxury goodsRennisance manLeonardo Da VinciWho is the president of South Africa?Nelson MandelaFrance late 18th century and Russia in 20th centuryoverthrow the monarchfrance and BritainmonarchFrance and Africathe economymap of JapanpearlWhat did Egyptians call their gods?Pharaohsincrease in interest rateavoid inflationLaw of demandmost likely to affect the prices in an economycaptialUse one good to make another goodcyclicalType of unemployment during a recessionTranscontinental Railroadgrowth of national marketsfiscal governmentadjusts its spending levels and tax rates to monitor and influence a nation's economy work of John Maynard Keynes most influenced fiscal policies under Lyndon JohnsonMarket economy is associated withtechnologyWhy would a decline in price of farm goods happen?overproduction of agricultural goods -happened in the 19th centuryIn order to encourage economic growth..a government would lower interest ratesA rise in the price of exported goods wouldincrease a nation's gross domestic productsLaw of supplyincrease in price will result in an increase in the supplyscarcityin short supplySherman Antitrust Actprohibited commercial monopolythree-field system of farmingenabled the transition from feudalism to market economies in EuropeIn 1932 The Pechora Commissionestablished by the US senate to study the Stock Market crashEffect of high tariffs on an economy in the long runbenefits some at the expense of othersa US 50 cent is an example ofcommoditypure market economyrelies exclusively on markets to allocate resourcesDemocratic governments regulatethe economy to ensure financial stabilityMinimum wage effects the demands forlabor increasesopportunity costan alternative that must be lost in order to pursue another option: the benefits you might have received had you taken the alternative actionSupply and demandthe more you have of a particular item, the less you can usually ask for it in a retail setting, if an item is scarce then the price will go uprenewable resourcean be replaced fairly easily and rapidly Ex: trees, animals, wind, water, hydroelectric power, solar power, woodnonrenewable resourceare available only if limited supplies; cannot be reused Ex: oil, coal, fossil fuels, natural gasMicroeconomicsfocus or study is on individual economic decisionsMacroeconomicsthe focus, or study, is on the whole, aggregate, economies or on the economic systems: the broad and general aspects of an economy, E.G, the relationship that exists between income and investmentCapitalisman economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned. The primary motive for an individual to be innovative and work hard is profitMercantilismthe theory and system of political economy prevailing in Europe after the decline of feudalism, based on national policies of accumulating WEALTH, establishing colonies, a merchant marine, and developing industry and mining to attain a favorable balance of trade. COLONIES WOULD PROVIDE RAW MATERIALS AND BUY FINISHED PRODUCTS FROM THE MOTHER COUNTRYcommand economyhigh government control, equal distribution, no rich, no poor, communal ownership Government and central planners decide how resources are used and distributedTraditional Economyculture controls itMixed economycommand and marketmarket economyno government control, unequal distribution, increased gap between rich and poor, private ownership; associated with technologypure market economyrelies exclusively on markets to allocate resources and to answer all three questions of allocationGender rolesin a society, the set of behaviors that are expected and considered appropriateDesertificationwhen human population overexploit and area's ability to sustain itself through the use of poor irrigation practices, overgrazing, deforestation, and other agricultural practices; may occur decreasing the land's resilience to climatic variationsDictatorshipa government or social situation where authority (all the rules and decisions made by) rests with one personRepublica government where power is held by the people and their elected representativesConfederationform of government consisting of a union of many states or countries typically unified for a purpose (with most of the power remaining with the individual states or countriesLobbyistan individual who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators who make the lawsegalitarianall people are equal and deserving of equal rights and indigenous (a native)globalizationhe idea of keeping us all together and bringing the world togethercultural assimilationthe process by which a person or a group's language and/or culture come to resemble those of another group; minority culture absorbed in majority cultureTransparent Governmentthe government's obligation to share information with their citizensculture diffusionspread of one's culture, practices and beliefAcculturationadapting or borrowing traits from another culturePopular Sovereigntypolitical idea that stated that the people in each territory should decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery in their new stateImperialisma policy where one country extends its power and influence over another weaker country in order to enrich itselftotal revenueincome a business receives from the sale of all the good producedtotal profitdetermined by subtracting total costs from revenuesGerrymanderingmanipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party of classspatial organizationpeople, places, environments, anywhere and everywhere on Earthfiscal policychanging government spending and taxes to influence the level or demandmonterary policyuses interest rates that are set by the bankWhat exemplifies the Constitution's federalist structure?The tenth amendment division of power between national and state governmentsWhat was Alexander Hamilton's attitude about the Constitution?He believed Congress had the power to make all laws "necessary and proper" to carry out its duties (was a federalist); follow it loosely; Congress should have the power to collect its taxes; favored creation of national bankIf Congress and the Senate passed a bill that is similar to what happens next?It becomes a law and it is enforced by the governmentIn 1932, the Pecora Commission was established by the U.S. Senate to study the cause of what?the stock market crashWhy do all states have the same currency?Because of the constitutional/federal reserve, the Articles of Confederation gave the states too much power (including the ability to coin money) Forgery was too easy because there were too many bank notes to keep track ofWhich of the following objectives is expressly stated in the preamble to the Constitution?Providing for the common defense and establishing justiceWhy did African Americans move to North America after WW1?The Great Migration, they wanted to take advantage of the need for industrial workersWhich form of government consists of a union of several countries with some or most power shared between them?ConfederationThe destruction of the USS Maine led to the start of which of the following events?Spanish American War US gained control of PhilippinesWhy were the colonies upset with England?Representation with parliamentWhy did people migrate out of the planes during the Great Depression?Dust bowlWhere can you find the 3 branches?the constitutionWhich President was closely related to the environment?Theodore RooseveltWho moved to the mid Atlantic Coastline?EnglandWhat benefit did the South have over the North in the American Revolution?Fightin on home soil so they knew the land better and more experienceWhat country does the prime meridian run through?SpainWhy do interest rates increase?avoid inflationWhat do France and Great Britain have in common?monarchWhat did the Treaty of Ghent result in?all conquered territory must be returnedWhy is it important to study the Yellow River and Indus River together?development of early civilizationWhich amendment guarantees freedom of religion?1st amendmentWhat caused the Korean War?North Korea, Soviet Union, and China all wanted Korean peninsula to be communistIn the 1970s what caused the US's issue with energy?the energy crisisWhat makes a government transparent?having citizens apart of the governmentWhat country does the Sahara Desert run through?Sudan