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The right-wing political party of Britain that has dominated control for most of its history


People opposed to the EU's power

Liberal Democrats

The opposing third party of Great Britain (currently in a coalition with the party in power)


Mexican men educated in business and economics

3 line whip

Statements to Members of Parliament that they must vote according to the party's wishes on important parliamentary votes

collective responsibility

The doctrine that all cabinet members must agree with all decisions


the belief that change should occur slowly or incrementally

collective consensus

cross-party British support for the welfare state (social programs) that lasted until the late 1970's- "The Golden Era"

Shadow Cabinet

In systems like Britain's, the official leadership of the opposition

Maastricht Treaty

Created the EU and EMU; signed in 1992

Beveridge Report

Published in the 1940's set the stage for the British welfare state- social insurance program


The process of decentralizing power from national governments that stops short of federalism

Plaid Cymru

The minor UK party wanting to preserve the Welsh language

Noblesse Oblige

The elitist feeling in UK that the upper class will take care of the lower class


The left of center party in Mexico that proved to be a strong challenger in the 2006 presidential elections; originally followers of C. Cardenas

Acquis Commutaire

The body of laws and regulations new members of the EU must accept before gaining admission

Three pillars

Informal term denoting the main areas in which the EU has worked since the Maastricht Treaty (ex. Security, justice, trade)


the 6 year term of the Mexican President


party platforms in the UK


Foreign-owned assembly plants that operated in tax-free zones along the northern border


A strategy for economic development that calls for free markets, balanced budgets, privatization, free trade, and minimal government intervention in the economy


Trade legislation between Mexico, Canada, and US to reduce tariffs among the countries and provide investor protections for foreign investors

Treaty of Lisbon

Considered the Constitution of the EU as it consolidated the previous treaties. This gave more power to the EU Parliament and created a permanent president position


Mexicans of mixed origins


The concept that refers to living in old neighborhoods and working old jobs for the good of all rather than pursuing personal interests. Concept applies to EU member states working for best interest of all


Relations in which people network through the mutual exchange of benefits and obligations IN MEXICO

electoral alchemy

The way Mexican governments have used fraud to rig elections

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