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abnormal exam chapter 18

abnormal psy
the most feared psychological problem among the elderly is
Alzheimer's disease
the percentage of the US population aged 65 and older today is
why is REM sleep referred to as paradoxical sleep
because the brain is active, unlike stage 4
children are more likely than the elderly to experience
sleep terrors
regarding treatment of depression in the elderly, studies show that
they respond to cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, and antidepressants
what is the relationship between age and anxiety in the elderly
as age increases, rate of anxiety disorders increase
to date, research shows that anxiety among the elderly is related to
an elderly individual is suffering from agoraphobia. the form of therapy that person is least likely to receive is
the class of drugs most often used to treat anxiety disorders in the elderly is
as people age, the incidence of alcohol abuse and other forms of substance abuse
studies of the "oldest old" show that compared to those in their 80s and early 90s, the oldest old ar e
healthier, clearer minded and agile
those who begin unhealthy drinking patterns later in life typically begin as a response to
declining health or financial status
a particular problem often found more prominently in the elderly that is related to substance abuse is
they don't believe they have a problem
among the elderly, psychotic cognitive symptoms are usually due to
the case of John Nash, Nobel prize winner and schizophrenic, illustrates _______, which is often found in the elderly who have been schizophrenic
late life improvement
an elderly person who develops false beliefs that are not bizarre is most likely suffering from
delusional disorder
an elderly person who believes falsely that others are conspiring against her, cheating, or spying on her and behaves in angry, irritable and depressed ways is exhibiting
delusional disorder
a 65-year-old in otherwise very good health typically will experience occasional
memory dificulties
a clouding of consciousness that develops over a short period of time and can often be reversed if its underlying cause can be found is called
an 80-year-old individual has been functioning normally, but now has an infection. however, over the course of a few days, the person shows increasing confusion, and consistently misinterprets what others are trying to communicate. the most probable diagnosis for this condition would be
Alzheimer's disease
the criteria for the diagnosis of dementia include
significant memory loss as well as cognitive losses and abstract thinking language
Rosa has difficult remembering even where she is going. Maintaining friendships is difficult, and she loses her temper because she cannot remember things. her health has been deteriorating and she is clumsier than she was three years ago. she appears to be suffering from
Alzheimer's is a brain _____ while stroke is a brain ______
Alzheimer's is named for the first person to _____ the disease
a 65-year-old is about what percent likely to be suffering some form of dementia
less than 5%
the most frequent cause of irreversible dementia in the elderly is
Alzheimer's disease
the typical patter of Alzheimer's for the patient is
denial, anxiety, withdrawal, dependency
your elderly grandfather is deteriorating. at first he seemed only mildly forgetful, but lately he has had trouble recalling the names of close relatives and cannot remember where he is. he used to be very loving and patient, but now he is irascible and very unpleasant at odd moments. this condition is getting worse. he is probably experiencing
Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed on the basis of
neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques
what are neurofibrillary tangles
twisted protein fibers in brain
older individuals with Alzheimer's disease differ from older individuals without Alzheimer's disease in that they
have an extra number of neurofibrillary tangles
sphere-shaped deposits of a certain molecule in space between neurons in the hippocampus in individuals with Alzheimer's disease are called
senile plaques
the molecules that are found in sphere-shaped deposits in spaces between neurons in the hippocampus in individuals with Alzheimer's disease are called
senile plaques
a person who has Alzheimer's although there is no family history of the disease is said to be experiencing
senile plaques
the best evidence we have to date suggests that Alzheimer's is transmitted genetically in families that
transmit mutations
research on the cause of Alzheimer's disease has led to the conclusion that
they don't know
a person who can grasp material immediately as it is presented, but who cannot remember it long-term, has difficult with
long-term memory
a person who has difficulty remembering how to use a key is having trouble with
procedural memory
a person who has an excess of plaques due to Alzheimer's would be likely to have
cell breakdown and death
a person with the sporadic version of Alzheimer's would be likely to have
family history and brain disease
someone with difficulty transforming short-term memory into long-term memory is most likely to have problems in the
you would suspect a problem in the _____ for someone experiencing difficulty with short-term memory
prefrontal lobe
you would suspect a problem in the _____ for someone experiencing difficulty with long-term memory
temporal lobe
you would suspect a problem in the _____ for someone experiencing difficulty with transforming information from short-term memory to long-term memory
when new information is acquired and stored in memory, _______ are produced
a client suffers from severe problems in remembering recent information, and has increasing difficulty using ordinary language and other cognitive skills. the resulting diagnosis probably will be
declarative memory problems
an individual with retrograde amnesia
can't remember things that happened in the long term
people with amnestic disorders
have often had an injury of some sort
an individual who demonstrates a severe anterograde amnesia may still demonstrate evidence of
retrograde amnesia
Tomas has a normal IQ, but demonstrates complete impairment of new learning. He also confabulates when asked to provide information about recent events. Tomas most likely is suffering from
anterograde amnesia
what would the removal of both temporal lobes most likely cause
severe anterograde amnesia
about what fraction of severe head injuries result in some permanent memory and learning problems
elevated levels of _____ in the brains of some Alzheimer's patients has led to the search for a heavy metal cause of the disease
recent research suggests that excessive levels of zinc in the brain
triggers a dumping of beta-amyloid protein
when an autoimmune response occurs, the body attacks
the fact that Alzheimer's disease resembles Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease suggests that Alzheimer's may be caused by
a slow acting virus
a 74-year-old man has experienced a very sudden decrement in attention, language production, and memory. CT scans show localized damage to specific areas of the brain. he has a history of cardiovascular disease. his diagnosis would most likely be
vascular dementia
Quincy suddenly developed a short-term memory problem and only two months later had problems speaking. Six months after that he lost speech and hearing, and the left side of his face became paralyzed. each change in functioning was abrupt. he probably is suffering from
multiple infractions
a person quite suddenly begins to show specific cognitive impairment; the person has difficulty speaking, yet other cognitive functions appear normal. most likely that person is experiencing
vascular dementia
which of the following diseases involves degeneration of the frontal and temporal lobes
picks disease
lucille experienced severe mood, personality, and movement changes. she most likely has
Huntington's disease
an individual suffering from a neurological disorder shows no evidence of infection or poisoning, but experiences tremors, rigidity, and unsteadiness. the most probable diagnosis is
Parkinson's disease
dementia is also associated with
someone who has AIDS is also at risk for developing
if you had a PET scan at a relatively young age, to predict your likelihood of developing Alzheimer's, you would be most disturbed to find
reduced hypocampus activity
if you have unusually high level of AB42 beta-amyloid protein in your blood, you are more likely
to develop Alzheimer's disease or dementia
which treatment has been most promising and most commonly used with dementias
the theoretical perspective currently receiving the most focus for the treatment of dementias is the _____ perspective
the drug tacrine acts through
preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine
recently the FDA banned those who had spent more than six months total time in Great Britain from the earl 1980s to the mid 1990s from donating blood in the US, because of the still-unconfirmed possibility that a form of "mad cow disease" might be in their blood from eating tainted meat. if humans could contract mad cow disease, they would have symptoms similar to those of
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is most similar to
if all a woman wanted was to reduce her risk of developing Alzheimer's she should
take estrogen for years after menopause
in order to control occasional pain and inflammation, a person uses an over-the-counter drug containing ibuprofen. interestingly, recent research shows that person also may be reducing the risk of contracting which disease
Alzheimer's disease
one of the most frequent reasons for the institutionalization of Alzheimer's patients is
the caregivers can't keep them home
the term "double jeopardy" describes people who may develop psychological problems because they are
part of a minority group and are old
triple jeopardy, as an issue affecting the mental health of the elderly, refers to
a woman who is elderly and part of a minority
sources of discrimination in the mental health care of the elderly include
a partially supervised apartment, a senior housing complex for mildly impaired elderly people, and a nursing home with round-the-clock care are all examples of
assisted living
the percentage of the elderly population living in nursing homes at any given time is about
if you do things during your life that promote physical and psychological well-being, you are engaging in a _____ approach to aging
health maintenance
Oliver Sachs finds that music can help elderly people
those of us who do not develop Alzheimer's will nevertheless benefit from Alzheimer's research because
it will still keep the mind sharp
it is estimated that as many as _____ percent of the elderly could benefit from mental health services, but only _____ percent receives them
the misuse of prescription drugs by the elderly is a form of ____ disorder
substance abuse
if an elderly person was found to have dementia, your best guess about what was causing it would be
Alzheimer's/vascular disease
if someone asked you about the effectiveness of treatment for Alzheimer's you would have to say
even best treatments have limited success