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Vocabulary Words


the right given to leaders to give orders, make decisions, and take action for a community

government service

the work that the government does for everyone in its area


having to do with the branch of government that makes laws


having to do with the branch of government that sees that laws are obeyed


having to do with the branch of government that decides whethre laws are fair or are based on the Constitution


a section of a state, including cities and towns, in an area


a group of people chosen to make laws


a leader of a community government

county seat

the city or town in which the main government offices of the county are located


a place where a judge or a jury decide if someone has broken the law


any activity done just for enjoyment

public works

a department of a community government that provides services to meet the daily needs of citizens, such as repairing streets and collecting trash


The elected leader of a state's government


the government building in a capitol city where lawmakers meet

supreme court

the highest court in any state. The United States Supreme Court is the most important court in the nation.


the legislative branch of the national government


a person who is elected by a group of people to speak or act for them



patriotic symbol

a symbol such as a flag, that stands for pride in a nation


something that is built to honor or remember a person or an event in history


something that keeps alive the memory of a person or event


patriotic song


Canada's legislature

prime minister

the head of an executive branch of the government of some countries, such as Canada

constitutional monarchy

a kind of government that has both a monarch and a government elected by the people

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