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CGI Stands for

Common Gateway Interface

CGI lets http clients

interact with programs across a network through a web server.

CGI is a standard protocol that

specifies how web servers and compiled programs for processing user inputs that run on a web server communicate with each other.

CGI applications may

be written in many different languages

Cgi is an interfaced

and it canno be directly programmed

Perl stands for

practical extraction and report languaged, developed in 1987 by Larry Wall

Perl is a form of


Perl was developed for

Unix, but is a cross-platform language

Perl program

declares all the form fields as incoming parameters


server-side includes files used within HTML pages to execute cgi


includes allow any type of processing to be added to a web page

What does perl use to connect to a database?


Why perl?

particularly rich, easy to use, text-processing capabilities. Up to date, and cross-platform


privacy, integrity, authentication

Internet marketing

banner ads, meta tags, affiliate programs, offline marketing

Critical success factors

Upper management, organization, policies, vendors, customers and suppliers

Project management milestones

must be evaluated, understand relation, understand what has to be done next time

Risks for milestones

external, vendors, management, vendors

Risk management

critical path, slack time, risky tasks, addressing issues

Reasons for success and failures

milestones, adapt, management involvement, purpose and scope, collaborative efforts

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