20 terms

Vocab Workshop Unit 2

(adj) at hand
Bean sprouts and bean curd are available in the Chinese market on Main street.
The girl went to the library to check out a book but unfortunately it was not available.
(v) to satisfy the needs of
Our grandmother cared for the twins all summer, but she refused to cater to their every whim.
My mom said she would help me but not cater every need I have.
(adj) usual
The customary tip given to a waiter for service is 15 percent of the bill.
" The day was very customary," I told my mother when I got home from school.
(v) to discourage
Despite offering big raises and bonuses, the boss was unable to dissuade workers from quitting.
The man tried to dissuade his son from jumping off the rock but he didn't listen and ended up with a broken leg.
(n) businessperson
In the first year of business, an entrepreneur often assumes losses for the sake of future profits.
The entrepreneur had a very hard time the first year of her business.
(n) an energetic person
A rash young firebrand, the new editor of the newspaper strove to expose corruption in the mayor's office.
The new kid at the school was quite a firebrand.
(n) a risk
Snow tires can help eliminate the hazard of driving on icy roads
We couldn't go on turf because the ice was to much of a hazard.
(n) manslaughter
It did not take the jury very long to find the drifter guilty of homicide.
As soon as he walked into the court room in was clear that he committed homicide.
(n) a lack of concern
The outcome of the rugby match between the two teams is a matter of complete indifference to me.
The lesson in class was obviously indifferent to my neighbor because she kept fiddling with her pencils and paper.
(adj) offended
Angered by the editorial in the newspaper, my mother wrote an indignant letter to the editor.
After I read what my classmate had written about me, I felt indignant by her.
(adj) essential
Oxygen is a gas that is indispensable to life processes.
The bratty girl was crying and yelling that her getting a laptop was an indispensable necessity.
(v) to grease
The workers had to lubricate the equipment regularly so that the production would not suffer.
The men at the car store were frequently lubricating the bottoms of the cars.
(adj) shared
During the course of the summer, the adoring couple formed a mutual admiration society.
The feeling for the boy was mutual for both of the kids.
(v) to bombard
The children resisted the urge to pelt the cars with snowballs.
The best snow day was when me and my friends went to the park and pelted each other with snowballs.
(n) an epidemic
In the 14th century, a plague spread by infected raps wiped out about one fourth of the population of Europe.
The terrible plague killed and made so many people sick.
(adj) controlled
The captain and other members of the crew were poised for takeoff.
The whole event was very calm and poised.
(n) a government in power
The present regime in that country came to power through democratic elections.
The mean regime of the country, ordered the people to do many things they did not want to do.
(v) to delay
Nothing will retard economic progress more than a new tax on imports.
The girl did not want to go to her doctors appointment so she tried to retard her mom.
(adj) clear
The students could see the other class through the transparent glass door.
The transparent door gave the family a beautiful view while they were eating.
(adj) unhurt
Remarkably, the captain and the entire crew emerged from the wreck unscathed.
After the tornado, surprisingly everything and everyone in the town was unscathed.