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  1. ring
  2. absolution
  3. Paris
  4. true
  1. a asks Lord Capulet permission to marry his daughter
  2. b Juliet tell her nurse that she will ask Friar Lawrence for
  3. c Juliet tells her parents that she will marry Paris (T or F)
  4. d Romeo tells Balthasar that he is going to Juliet's tomb to get a _________

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  1. Juliet begs Romeo not to swear by the _____ when he professed his love for her
  2. "I defy you, stars!" Act 5, Scene 1 (25)
  3. whose wife dies at the end of the play?
  4. recognizes Romeo as a Montague at the Capulet ball
  5. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a potion to take that will make her appear dead for 24 hours (T or F)

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  1. Juliet's mother and the nursethe two people that tell Juliet that Count Paris would be a fine husband


  2. BalthasarRomeo's servant


  3. Angelicathe number of children of Lord Capulet


  4. falseParis is the first to discover Juliet "dead" (T or F)


  5. killedthe Prince says this will happen to the next person who disturbs the peace