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  1. three letters mentioned
  2. soliloguy
  3. Tybalt
  4. killed
  5. Capulet and Montague
  1. a one person on the stage speaking alone
  2. b the street fight in the opening scene is between the servants of these two families
  3. c Letter from Tybalt to Romeo, letter from Friar to Romeo, and letter from Romeo to his father
  4. d recognizes Romeo as a Montague at the Capulet ball
  5. e the Prince says this will happen to the next person who disturbs the peace

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  1. tells the story of the fight to the Prince
  2. Capulet threatens to do this to Juliet if she does not obey his wishes
  3. explains the story of Romeo and Juliet
  4. punishment for distributing poison
  5. who informs Juliet of her cousin's death

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  1. Juliet"That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet." Act 2, scene 2 (43-44)


  2. Friar LawrenceRomeo answers Tybalt's insults (villain) with ________


  3. patienceRomeo answers Tybalt's insults (villain) with ________


  4. FransiscanFriar Lawrence is a ___________ monk


  5. MontagueRomeo is in this city when Balthasar brings him news of Juliet's "death"


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