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  1. three letters mentioned
  2. Paris
  3. Peter
  4. dagger
  5. disown her
  1. a Letter from Tybalt to Romeo, letter from Friar to Romeo, and letter from Romeo to his father
  2. b Capulet threatens to do this to Juliet if she does not obey his wishes
  3. c Juliet kills herself with a __________
  4. d according to the Nurse, Juliet thinks he is a toad
  5. e illeterate servant

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  1. Juliet fears she will be in a _______ _____, where bones are put after they are dug from a grave
  2. asks Lord Capulet permission to marry his daughter
  3. "I am hurt...a plague on both bouses! I am sped...Is he gone and hath nothing?" Act 3, scene 1
  4. recognizes Romeo as a Montague at the Capulet ball
  5. shrift is also called a___________

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  1. BalthasarRomeo plants to leave Verona and go here


  2. MontagueRomeo is in this city when Balthasar brings him news of Juliet's "death"


  3. Friar John"In one respect I'll assistant be: For this happy alliance may so happy prove To turn your households' rancor to pure love" Act 2, scene 3 (90-93)


  4. holiday"O shut the dorr, and when thou hast done so, Come weep with me, past hope, past cure, past help!" Act 4, scene 1 (44-45)


  5. Veronathe Nurse really met Romeo at ______ (time)