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Paul tries to sound well-informed, but his pretentious answers only betray his _____ knowledge of world affairs.


Our meeting last week was marred by a heated debate over how to _____ the funds in ths year's budget.


In the concentration camps, the liberating troops found thousands of victims horribly _____ as the result of starvation diets.


Sylvia was _____ enough to tell her mother she was going to the dance in spite of the doctor's orders.


Since their loud talk and crude manners were anything but _____ to me, I decided to travel by myself.


Her _____ interest in ecology shows that she cares deeply about the welfare of this planet.


The tastes of the TV audience are so _____ that no one can predict in advance which programs will be successful.


Perhaps you have been treated unfairly, but what good will it do to alloq your sense of _____ to control your mood and behavior?


He seems to fell that it is his mission to _____ all those who fail to live up to his standards.


The lecturer explained that th UN is not _____ and that it can do only what the member states allow it to do.


What he lacks in skill, he makes up in ______ attention to every last detail and requirement of the job.


During the depression of the 1930's. the entire nation seemed to take new strength from Roosevelt's _____ energy and enthusiasm.


George Gershwin's early songs gave only a dim _____ of the genius that was to express itself in Porgy and Bess.


After so many years of losing teams, the entire student bogy _____ when our team finally won the cirywide basketball championship.


Her simple, _____ expression of appreciation meant more to me that all the elaborate, carefully phrased tributes I recieved.


The destruction wrought by a nuclear war would be so vast that any form of _____ to the injured would be impossible.


We must show understanding and acceptance of those who _____ somewhat from our own standards of what is "right."


Far from being "effortless" her simple, _____ writing style is the result of the most painstaking efforts.


His weathereaten, shaggy, and _____ appearance did not conceal entirely traces of the handsome boy I had once known.


Tennyson speaks of "sorrow's crown of sorrow," by which he means the _____ experience of remembering happier things.

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