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Chem Quiz on Ozone Depletion, Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming Set Made: 5-3-11 Quiz: 5-6-11

Skin Cancer

One of the worst health effects of too much sun


Unit for measuring column ozone


Harmful solar radiation


Microscopic animals harmed be excess UV


Chemical that makes methyl bromide an ozone-depleting substance

Ozone Layer

Region containing most atmospheric ozone


A substitute for CFC's that's much less damaging to the ozone layer


Especially harmful band of UV radiation


Unnatural thinning of the ozone layer by human activities


The southernmost continent; location of the ozone hole


One atom of this can destroy over 100,000 ozone molecules

Montreal Protocol

Treaty protecting the ozone layer


Part of the atmosphere containing the ozone layer


Measure of how much a chemical harms the ozone layer


Molecule that absorbs UVB radiation from the sun, protecting earth

Air Conditioning

One type of equipment that used CFC's


Wind pattern over Antarctica that isolates the ozone hole


Ozone; unstable form of oxygen that can be found in the troposphere as a product of photochemical smog


CFC's; chemically stable, nonflammable, inexpensive; used as a refrigerant, solvent, foaming agent; Molecules break down in the stratosphere and the chlorine or bromine atoms produced destroy the ozone

Photochemical Smog

Ground level ozone results from complex chemical reactions involving automobile exhaust, sunlight, and stagnant air; poisonous to people, plants, and animals

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