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  1. True
  2. Correlation
  3. Discounting
  4. Log-Rank Test
  5. Intangible cost
  1. a What test is used to compare survival analysis curves?
  2. b Value changes over time due to what?
  3. c True or false: H(t) is a rate, not a probability.
  4. d Which type of cost occurs when pain or suffering is involved?
  5. e What is the type and strength of a linear relationship?

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  1. What is beta equal to in logistic regression?
  2. What is the symbol for the coefficient of multiple determination?
  3. Which statistical test is used for dependent ordinal data and independent nominal data?
  4. Which type of pharmacoeconomic analysis looks at a result in dollars per change in outcome?
  5. What is the study of deciding which drugs to provide, how and for whom?

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  1. ANOVA F testWhich statistical test is used for dependent interval/ratio data and independent nominal data with more than 2 groups?


  2. FalseTrue or false: We want to minimize the amount of confounders we add to multiple regression analyses.


  3. 0.00-0.25What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be strong?


  4. Literature searchWhat is step 2 of a systematic review?


  5. Cost-utility analysisWhich type of pharmacoeconomic analysis takes into consideration quality of life?