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  1. 0.00-0.25
  2. Survival analysis
  3. False
  4. Cost-benefit analysis
  1. a What statistical analysis analyzes survival or time-to-event data?
  2. b What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be weak?
  3. c True or false: Cost-effectiveness analyses take into consideration quality of life.
  4. d Which type of pharmacoeconomic analysis examines cost and benefit in terms of currency?

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  1. The results of a meta-analysis are depicted in what type of plot?
  2. What is the type and strength of a linear relationship?
  3. How many possible outcomes exist for a decision tree examining the cost-effectiveness of a drug?
  4. True or false: Multiple regression analyses can have more than 1 dependent variable but only 1 independent variable.
  5. What are used in order to visualize cost-effectiveness analyses?

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  1. Mann-Whitney UWhich statistical test is used for dependent ordinal data and independent nominal data?


  2. DiscountingValue changes over time due to what?


  3. TrueTrue or false: Abstracts from meetings can be used in systematic reviews.


  4. ResidualsWhat type of relationship must be assumed between independent and dependent variables in multiple regression analyses?


  5. 0.25-0.75What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be weak?