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  1. False
  2. Decision trees
  3. True
  4. Residual analysis
  5. Discounting
  1. a Value changes over time due to what?
  2. b True or false: Kaplan-Meier survival analysis curves do not account for confounding nor multivariate data.
  3. c What analysis determines the difference between actual y values and predicted y values in multiple regression analyses?
  4. d True or false: Cost-effectiveness analyses take into consideration quality of life.
  5. e What are used in order to visualize cost-effectiveness analyses?

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  1. What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be strong?
  2. What statistical analysis calculates an odds ratio for data adjusted for other variables?
  3. What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be intermediate?
  4. True or false: Hand searching for articles in systematic reviews is frowned upon as the articles were never published and are not statistically and clinically significant.
  5. What is the area under a survival analysis curve equal to?

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  1. Kaplan-Meier MethodWhat method used in survival analyses depicts a stair-step survival curve and lays out failure events from smallest to largest?


  2. FalseTrue or false: In step 3 of a systematic review, the person conducting the study must assess the trials for inclusion and determine a k statistic.


  3. Mann-Whitney UWhich statistical test is used for dependent ordinal data and independent nominal data?


  4. Literature searchWhat test is used to compare survival analysis curves?


  5. Logit of P(y|x)What survival analysis test weighs out survival time in an earlier part of the curve more heavily than other parts of the curve?


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