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  1. True
  2. Residual analysis
  3. Mean survival time
  4. 0.00-0.25
  5. Systematic Review
  1. a What is the area under a survival analysis curve equal to?
  2. b What analysis determines the difference between actual y values and predicted y values in multiple regression analyses?
  3. c What range of correlation coefficient is considered to be weak?
  4. d What is research that provides a summary of trials on a specific clinical question, using an explicit protocol?
  5. e True or false: Poorly designed trials can only be excluded from a systematic review if they fail to meet prespecified criteria.

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  1. Which type of pharmacoeconomic analysis looks at the return on investment?
  2. What is the symbol for the coefficient of multiple determination?
  3. True or false: Kaplan-Meier survival analysis curves do not account for confounding nor multivariate data.
  4. True or false: H(t) is a rate, not a probability.
  5. Which statistical test is used for dependent interval/ratio data and independent interval/ratio data?

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  1. FalseTrue or false: Hand searching for articles in systematic reviews is frowned upon as the articles were never published and are not statistically and clinically significant.


  2. Indirect costWhich type of cost occurs when no money was exchanged between parties, however, one party did pay?


  3. FalseWhat test is performed in multiple regression analyses to determine if the model is significant?


  4. Kaplan-Meier MethodWhich statistical test is used for dependent ordinal data and independent ordinal data?


  5. Chi-squared testWhich statistical test is used for dependent interval/ratio data and independent nominal data with 1 group?


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