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  1. Cost-effectiveness analysis
  2. F-test
  3. Systematic Review
  4. Mann-Whitney U
  5. Economics
  1. a What is the science of how people make choices regarding the allocation of scarce resources?
  2. b What is research that provides a summary of trials on a specific clinical question, using an explicit protocol?
  3. c Which type of pharmacoeconomic analysis looks at a result in dollars per change in outcome?
  4. d Which statistical test is used for dependent ordinal data and independent nominal data?
  5. e What test is performed in multiple regression analyses to determine if the model is significant?

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  1. What statistical analysis calculates an odds ratio for data adjusted for other variables?
  2. What is the null hypothesis that we want to reject with F-tests in multiple regression analyses?
  3. What type of dependent data is examined in logistic regression?
  4. True or false: Multiple regression analyses should not have any independent or dependent outliers.
  5. What type of data do multiple regression analyses deal with?

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  1. RegressionWhat is the type and strength of a linear relationship?


  2. FalseTrue or false: Utility (quality adjusted life years x life years gained) can be a negative value.


  3. PharmacoepidemiologyWhat is the study of the use and effects of drugs in large numbers of people?


  4. R-squaredWhat is the probability that if you survive to t, you will succumb to that event immediately after t?


  5. Cost-minimization analysisWhich type of pharmacoeconomic analysis examines cost and benefit in terms of currency?