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process art

fragile or volatile materials are used in this type of art. One effect is to make make time an intentional, active element in an artwork. The work is temporary.

a multi-episodic format

an ancient technique for telling different parts of a story in different places on one static object

kinetic art

art that contains moving parts

performance art

live art activities that encompass elements of theater and visual art

non-narrative time arts

sometimes exploit video technology to disrupt or fracture, speed up or slow down time

"counter memory"

a term coined by the philosopher Foucault to describe the rediscovery of lost (untold) histories of disenfranchised groups (people left out of traditional, euro-centric history)

high-tech amnesia

a phrase to discribe how we "abdicate our power to remember as individuals and s communities in favor of the artificial, and mediated, memory banks, supplied by technology" p137

literal value of place

resources, natural or man-made, that exist within a place

symbolic value of place

an accumulation of psychic meanings (individual or collective/historical) that eventually make it 'stand for something else' - a feeling or idea

earth art or land art

a form of site-specific art that emerged in 1960's. This practice uses the landscape as part of the artistic materials. Often very large scale.

installation art

offers a physical experience that can be emotionally and intellectually involving. the work can be experienced from many angles; sometimes the viewer is inside the artwork.

site-specific art

art created to exist in a certain place. The work takes part of its meaning and form from the particular location where it is installed.

sound artists

often use the aural dimensions of places to immerse the audience in an experience of place

synthetic environments

refers to simulations on the internet that represent activities at a high level of realism, from simulations of theaters of war to factories and manufacturing processes

liquid architecture

'a term that refers to structures that mutate or expand into multiple dimensions.

virtual immersion environments

created by 3D imaging technology. Some mimic the real world; others present fantastic realms.p1172

in-between places

sometimes refers to bland non-places places of transit like airport lounges, hotel rooms, highways - places that seem to have no history or context


means the movement, involuntary or otherwise, of large bodies of people along with their thoughts and ideas. Art about the ______ often focuses on the journey, the conditions of being in transit, the clash of different customs, 'in-betweenness.'

syncretic imagery

the mixing or juxtaposing of multiple visual cultural references or ideas.

memory and history

are to subthemes of 'time' that often are considered in works about 'place'

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