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Finding an actor or actress for each role


When actors try out for various roles


The arrangement and movements of performers relative to each other as well as to furniture and entrances and exits


Activites of performers in regards to gestures, properties, etc.

Who created the system for acting?

Konstantin Stanislavski

What qualities does a great actor have to have?



-Block or stage play
-Cast the actors
-Develop a concept


-Raise money to finance a production
-Oversee the budget
-Arrange for ushers, tickets, programs, and other front of the house details

Stage Manager

-Maintain quality control of all production elements after opening
-Cooedinate in performance light, sound, and scene changes as well as the entrances and exits of the performers


-Discovering and reading new plays
-Research productions and criticism
-Work with playwrights to develop new scripts

Sound Designer

-Responsible for arranging and orchestrating all the audio aspects
-Consults with the director to determine sound requirements, sound effects, and amplifications

Lighting Designer

-Create an overall 'look' for the show in response to the text, while keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety and cost
-Responsible for using light in support of the director's vision while enhancing and completing the environment created by the set designe

Scene Designer

Responsible for developing the overall look of the stage environment after working with the director to establish an overall aesthetic concept from which to proceed


-"fourth wall theater"
-Able to utilize the greatest amount of scenery and stage machinary
-Most broadway theaters were built in this configuration
-Seats all face in one direction
-Particlarly effective for realistic settings
-Close audiences as well as Far audiences
ex) Movie theatre, cathedral, lecture hall


-Originally built into the hillsides in greece
-Audiences sit on 3 sides
-Typical Elizabethan Playhouse
-Most widely used of all


-Most intimate theater space (audience closet to action)
-No elaborate scenery (audience couldnt see)
-Entrances and Exits along aisles that run through the audience
ex) Tennis stadium, Boxing ring

Created, or found, space

-Associated with street theater
-Use unusual structers as they are
-Space not ordinarily used for performances

What should the stage set convey to the audience?

It should:
-Set the tone and style
-Tell the audience where and when the play takes place
-Tell the audience what kind of characters, and what the play is about

Stage directions

Up Up Up
Right Center left

Right Center Left
Center Stage center

Down Down Down
Right Center left

Stage directions (broad)


Stage Right Stage Left



are flat pieces of theatrical scenery which are painted and positioned on stage so as to give the appearance of buildings or other background. They are also called backdrops or backcloths.


Scrim is an ideal material for curtains because it is lightweight and translucent. Scrim can also appear opaque when lit from the front at a diagonal angle. However, when scrim is lit from behind, it becomes transparent. This characteristic makes it particularly useful in theater, because it can be lit from the front in order to block the audience's view of what is taking place on the stage when scenes are changed. When the scrim is lit from behind, the audience can once again see what is taking place behind it.

Role of Color is a Costum?

-Establish tone and style of production
-Indicate the historical period and locale of play
-Indicate; occupations, personalites
-Seperate major characters from minor
-Contrast groups
-Make sure everything is consistent


-Hats, walking sticks,jewelry, purses, parasols, and royal staffs

What is the role of Costumes?

-Show a character
-Shows; position and statues, gender, occupation, flamboyance or modesty, occasion (work, lesiure, special event)

Role of lighting in a play?

-Provide visibility
-Help establish time and place
-Create mood
-Reinforce the style of the production
-Provide focus onstage
-Establish rhythm


All the lights are shut off at once


Lights dim slowly


One set of lights come down while the other come up

Split cross-fade

Lights that are coming up and on a different count from the lights coming down


-Partial screen used infront of a Spotlight to Project a Shape
-Dark plate or screen used to sheild a lens from light

Christopher Marlow

-Shakespears "friend" (born first, died early)
-Iambic Pentameter = "mighty line"
-Plays include:
-Doctor Fustus
-Edward II


-After Marlow
-3 Main Generes: 1) Tragedy 2)Comedy 3)History
-Great at everything
-Plays include:
-mid summers night dream
-taming of the shrew
-romeo and juliet

The Globe

-Elizabethan theatre
-Most famous public theatre
-Home to shakespeares plays


Spectaters who stood in the pit of an Elizabethan theater, they paid only a penny


The area located around the stage (the pit)


-Speaking ines thoughts aloud when by oneself
(talks to him or herself out loud)

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